Behold the amazing gullinator

Are you tired of seagulls pecking at your blue bag on the kerb? Does the thought of picking up someone else's trash send your shoulders slumping in annoyance? If you thought you had a great solution to a local problem, would you hope your Council would give it a try?

Then it might be time for you to get a gullinator!

This simple invention is the brainchild of a Whangamata resident, Anna Fryer, who answered yes to all three of the opening questions and presented us with a brilliant idea.

Mrs Fryer said she was appalled by the mess and embarrassed when visitors to the town arrived to find littered blue bags. She knew permanent residents were tired of having to clean up after seagulls struck and decided complaints were not of much help.

Made from sturdy plastic mesh, a hoop and drawstring top, it was product tested and modified by our very own Solid Waste Officer Bryce Louden and is now providing a cost-effective solution to pesky gulls pecking at blue bags on collection day.

The name ‘gullinator’ came from staff at Whangamata Take Note and she got encouragement and ideas from former local Community Board member Helen McCabe and counter staff at the BNZ bank.

The gullinator is available from all council service centres for $15.

Gulls could be said to be par for the course when one lives in one of the most liveable coastal districts in the country, but their penchant for food scraps inside our official blue bags has created cause for concern.

When the Tairua community was developing its Community Plan in 2006, a key request from brainstorming sessions with the community was 'stronger rubbish bags'. The council's solid waste activity is ranked among the most important in customer surveys, so it was important to find a solution to this public health nuisance.

To get your hands on a gullinator you can visit one of our Service Centres.

Step 1

Lift up the Gullinator by its drawstring

Step 2

Place the Gullinator over your blue bag

Step 3 

All done!