Refuse and Recycling Drop-Off Facilities and Portable Compactors

We have after-hours drop-off facilities at Matarangi, Pauanui, Tairua and Whangamata. We also have portable compactors at tourism hot-spots around the district. Find out where in this section.

Portable rubbish compactors:

Portable rubbish compactor at Opoutere 23 Dec 2019

We have placed portable compactors at key locations around the district that see high visitor numbers.

  • Kuaotunu Boat Ramp – also known as Quarry Point Boat Ramp. SH25 opposite 88 Kuaotunu-Wharekaho Rd.
  • Opoutere - beside the public toilets on the corner of Ohui and Opoutere roads, near the campground.
  • Old Coroglen Saleyard site – immediately south of the SH25 bridge over the Waiwawa River. 1909 SH25 Tairua-Whitianga Rd, near the junction with the Tapu-Coroglen Rd.

The compactors are solar powered and coin operated ($2 - any combination of coins accepted). Any rubbish of approximately the size of one of our standard blue rubbish bags can be disposed of into the hopper. Other rubbish should either be taken to the nearest Refuse Transfer Station or home for disposal. Please do not use the compactors to dispose of any liquid or hazardous waste which must be taken to the nearest Refuse Transfer Station.

Please do not dump rubbish next to a compactor if you don't have $2 or if the compactor is not working. If it's not working or rubbish has been dumped next to it, contact us on 07 868 0200. 

Please note: Breakdowns sometimes occur due to misuse and vandalism. We ask people to be please use them according to the instructions that are clearly printed on them.

We've wrapped our compactors in eye-catching skins that describe exactly what they are for and how to use them. The sites where they are located are monitored and anyone caught illegally dumping rubbish around them will be fined.

Portable rubbish compactor at Opoutere 23 Dec 2019

Here's what they used to look like:

compactor june 2017

Read more about the compactors here.

Rubbish in pre-paid, blue Council bags and recycling can be left after-hours at no charge at four of our Refuse Transfer Stations:


Street Address: 101 Matarangi Drive, Matarangi


Street Address: 887 Hikuai Settlement Road, Pauanui


Street Address: 3 Red Bridge Road, Tairua


Street Address: 2755 SH Waihi-Whangamata, Whangamata