Road and Highway Conditions

Find out about the conditions of the roads and highways on the Coromandel.

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Local Roads Maintenance

16 August - Barbara Avenue, Whangamata

Works to improve drainage along Barbara Avenue, Whangamata is expected to start on Monday 19 August to address flooding issues which have occurred in this area following high rainfall events.

The walkway connecting the service lane and Barbara Avenue will be temporarily closed for construction until 30 August, however re-opened each day after works are completed. Additional works on Barbara Avenue will also be completed, however this will have minimal effect on the traffic flows.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

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State Highways 

To review the status of State Highway 25 and State HIghway 25A (Kopu-Hikuai Road) on the Peninsula, sign up to receive email alerts here or please visit the New Zealand Transport Agency's (NZTA) website. NZTA manages this highway.

We will also try and provide the latest updates on the Highway as we receive information from NZTA.

Here's a map of State Highway 25 and our local roading network online.

Travel Times and Distances

Find out about the travel distances to the Peninsula and around the Peninsula by car and road.