Street flags and banners

In an attempt to streamline the approach of taking bookings for street flags throughout the district, we require that anyone wanting to install street flags or banners make an application through Customer Services.

Installing a street flag or banner

There are a few points you'll need to keep in mind if you intend to install street flags and below is a summary. 

Please contact our Customer Services team on Ph 07 868 0200 who are here to help.


We recommend that you book as much in advance as possible to secure your placement of flags. If you have a known date for your promotion, i.e. Christmas flags, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible and make your booking to ensure your place is confirmed.

Installation, Maintenance and Removal

While we take bookings for street flags it is the applicant's responsibility to arrange installation and removal of their flags on the applied dates by a Council-approved contractor. It’s also the responsibility of the applicant to maintain the standard of the flags during the installation period. See FAQs below about finding, or becoming, a Council-approved contractor.


Due to the application being required to go to the appropriate Community Board for comment and allowing time for amendments in design (if required) and subsequent print times, applications must be received no later than forty (40) working days prior to the applied installation date.

Traffic Management Plan

Applicants (or the approved contractor) are required to supply a Traffic Management Plan at least five working days prior to the installation date. We are available to help you in this requirement, so please talk to our Customer Services team as we have drafted examples that will make this requirement much easier for you.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance must be purchased to the amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000). As most street flag bookings will be made in conjunction with an event, the liability for the street flags can be covered by the event insurance; however, this will need to be discussed with your insurance provider at the time of purchase.

Booking Fees

- Commercial booking fee - $100 (per booking)

- Not for profit booking fee - $50 (per booking)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get hold of a Council approved contractor?

Talk to the Area Office Community Coordinator for street flag and banner installation who can advise the approved contractor to carry out this work in your area.  Please talk to our Customer Services Team if you or someone you know can become qualified to do the installation yourself.

Why must I apply 40 working days in advance?

The application is required to go to the Communications Manager and then appropriate Community Boards for comment. If all is in order it should take only 15 working days before we send you an approval letter and make the booking. But to allow time for amendments in design (if required) and print times we have specified 40 working days prior to installation date.

Why do I need Council approval to put up what I want?

We own the street flag poles and need to ensure no offensive or inappropriate material adorns our streets. Any deviation from the approved street flag artwork without the previous agreement of Council may result in the removal of the street flags.

Why do I need a Traffic Management Plan and how do I get one?

You must submit a traffic management plan to our Roading Department five working days prior to installation of the flags but this is not a complicated process. There has always been a requirement to submit such a plan for any work done on our streets due to health and safety requirements and again we can put you in touch with qualified people in your community to help with this procedure. You can view and/or download some basic Traffic Management Plans here but you will need to have these signed off by a Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS).

How do I find a Council-approved contractor that can install my street flags?

Anyone who can prove to us that they meet Health and Safety requirements in installing the street flags may become an approved contractor. You can apply to become a Thames-Coromandel District Council approved contractor by contacting us, or if you prefer, you can use one of our regular approved contractors. Just ask us.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team. Some documents to help you are below: