Content - Stormwater

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is the rain water that drains off the land. If not managed properly it can flood streets and pose a threat to public health and safety, property, and have a damaging effect on the district’s waterways.

Our aim is to:

  • Ensure stormwater is controlled and, if necessary, treated and disposed of to protect public health and safety, land and property.
  • Protect and enhance the life-supporting properties and quality of streams, estuaries and harbours.

By taking an interest in the stormwater activity you are becoming aware of the process involved in water treatment and use on the Coromandel. This includes our collection of fresh water from streams, treating this water at our nine water treatment stations, treating water received from stormwater infrastructure or wastewater infrastructure and putting it back into the cycle in an enhanced state.

We are ahead of the field in much of this thinking.

Got any questions?

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