Water reservoir levels

This summer (2020-2021), we’re providing information on water levels in our reservoirs each month, with comparisons to the same time last year, alongside the average daily water use figures.

This information is available as our Council and our communities  work together to manage water demand more effectively and efficiently.

We experienced a heavy water demand over Labour Weekend and water levels in our sources are already starting to drop. For example, the Opitonui River flow (Whitianga source) is currently at about 80% compared to same time last year.

You can download a spreadsheet here or on the top right-hand side of his page, showing water reservoir levels and demand for October 2020 compared to October 2019.

Although public water supply takes priority over other requirements, Waikato Regional Council is keeping a close eye on proactive actions our Council take to comply with the resource consent limits on water takes and manage demand.

We need everyone’s co-operation and support to use water wisely and pull through the summer peak period. Check out our website for water conservation tips including how you can start collecting your spring rainwater - tcdc.govt.nz/water.

From Friday, 6 November all areas in our district are now on Level 2 'Conserve Water' - Residents are asked to keep using water carefully to ensure our supply continues - tcdc.govt.nz/waterrestrictions.

It’s important to note, our reservoirs in the Coromandel are only big enough to hold supply for 24 hours for the area they service. Our reservoirs can not be compared to Auckland or other big cities that have reservoirs or dams that can hold supplies for months. Our Coromandel reservoirs help manage the peaks and troughs of water demand, particularly around peak summer.  Trends show demand is high in the morning and evenings and the water reservoirs levels drop around those times,  but build up again when there is less use. Our water plants run 24-hours-a-day to take the water from our sources, treat and distribute it to our communities.

The reservoirs noted take water from different sources (rivers and streams). The Waikato Regional Council has a web page which shows the current water levels of our water sources. You can view it here.