Water Supply and Consumption - Frequently Asked Questions

What does potable water mean?

Potable water is water that is safe for humans to drink.

How is my water treated?

Treatment varies according to the water source and treatment facility in your community. This ranges from very limited treatment at Matatoki and Thames Valley to a more sophisticated mixture of chemical dosing, pressure sand filters, UV disinfection and chlorination at other treatment plants.

In many cases the water is then stored in reservoirs before being supplied via the reticulation network to the consumers.  We are required by the Ministry of Health to undertake water sampling and testing from the treatment plants, reservoirs and from within the water supply network.

Operation and maintenance work is carried out by Veolia Water Ltd under contract.

How much water do we consume?

The Coromandel Peninsula uses an average of 13 million litres of water per day.  In summer this can rise to 25 million litres per day.

Councils in New Zealand have consent conditions imposed on the amount of water that they can extract on any given day. Volumes not consumed on one day cannot be added to the following day's consent level.

When visitors arrive (and there are thousands of them here on the Coromandel in summer time!), our daily consumption volumes rise dramatically.

In summer look out for water restriction update signs that indicate the current level of water restriction for each community.