18 July 2018

Paku Hill, Tairua

Paku Hill, Tairua

Signage has been installed to promote the use of the bottom car park at Paku Drive, Tairua, which is providing space for more cars and a bus. No stopping lines have been installed on Tirinui Crescent and Paku Drive to stop visitors from parking on residential roads, which has hampered access to private properties and caused safety issues.

"More people are walking up to the summit, and so to manage parking and driving up this narrow, windy road, we are encouraging people, and tour bus operators, to park at the memorial reserve car park," says Bob Renton, Community Board Chair for Tairua-Pauanui.

Space for 17 car parks has now been made available compared with 8 previously at the memorial reserve carpark.

You can read the full parking report from the meeting here. 

Sugarloaf Wharf, Coromandel

There's been changes to parking allocation on Te Kouma Road, adjacent to the Sugarloaf, so that the needs of both recreational and industry users can be met.

  • The whole area is available for parking for all vehicles Monday - Friday year round, excluding the period between Christmas Day - 10 January where the whole area is trailer boat parking only.
  • From Labour weekend - Christmas Day and from 11 January - Easter, half the area is open to trailer boat parking only on Saturday/Sunday and public holidays.
  • Christmas Day - 10 January the whole area is trailer boat parking only.