Thames Focus Group Agendas and Minutes 2012/2013

Thames Focus Group

The Thames Focus Group is a sub-committee of the Thames Community Board.

It was formed to help develop at strategy to protect Thame's unique historical, geographic and social qualities while looking at ways to form future growth, tourism and development.

The sub-committee also had to consider the identity and individual character of the Thames township and facilitate the development of a coherent and co-ordinated approach amongst stakeholders, strengthen ties amongst the various community groups of interest and attract interest and investment from outside the district to Thames.

With this in mind the sub-committee has come up with the Draft Thames Urban Development Strategy.

Who Is In the Thames Focus Group?

The Sub-Committee is made up of :

  • John Sinclair (Chairperson). From JSA Consultants - Architecture and Urban Development.
  • Strat Peters, Chair of the Thames Community Board.
  • Mark Bridgman, Thames Community Board Member.
  • Bruce Oliver, Lawyer.
  • Morrie Dunwoodie, Dunwoodie and Green Surveyors.
  • Rex Simpson,Thames Heritage Events Trust.
  • Mark Skelding, Transition Town Thames.
  • Errol Kingsbury.
  • David Taipari and Wati Ngamane, Ngati Maru.

Thames Focus Group Meetings Support

Thames Focus Group meetings are supported by a Community Co-ordinator.

If you wish to address the Community Board during a public forum session please contact the relevant Community Co-ordinator.

Community Co-ordinator : Larissa Doherty
Phone : 07 868 0200

Agenda (Order Paper)

To read an Agenda online, select the meeting date below then use the linked index to see each item in the list.

All Order Papers are listed two (2) clear working days prior to a meeting. The list below outlines our future meetings dates for 2013. These dates are subject to change.



Confirmed Minutes

Minutes are updated and published once confirmed at the following meeting.