District Licensing Committee - 2015

A newly elected District Licensing Committee has been set with the responsibility of considering all alcohol licence applications within the Thames-Coromandel District.

The District Licensing Committee (DLC) took on licensing responsibilities from 18 December 2013. The new DLC considers and determines:

  • All new licence applications for licences and manager certificates, either contested or uncontested.All renewal applications for licences and managers certificates, either contested or uncontested.
  • Applications for Temporary Authorities
  • Applications for variation
  • Other functions include conducting enquiries and creating reports and referrals to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA).

Contested applications require the District Licensing committee to meet and hear these applications. These require a quorum of three members and are generally head in the Thames Council Chambers.

District Licensing Committee Membership

The District Licensing Committee members are:

Alan Vane owns a property at Hahei and is a lawyer.

Brent Holmes is a Coromandel resident and former police inspector with 35 years in the police force.

Group Manager, Community Environment is the secretary of this Committee.

District Licencing Committee Support

The District Licensing Committee is supported by a Committee Administrator.

If you wish to address the Committee please contact the Administrator below.

Committee Administrator: Deborah Crowther

Phone: 07 868 0200

Remuneration of DLC Members

As determined by the Minister of Justice  and in accordance with the Cabinet fees framework, DLC members will receive the following remuneration:

  • Chairperson: $624 per day ($78 per hour for part days)
  • Other members: $408 per day ($51 per hour for part days).

DLC members will also be reimbursed for reasonable expenses.

Why do we need a District Licensing Committee?

The creation of a DLC is a requirement of central governments' Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

This legislation was rolled out in three stages to allow time for everyone to prepare for the new system.

Stage One  (From December 2012)

  • new Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) replaces the Liquor Licensing Authority
  • Only interim one-year licences can be issued for new liquor licences. When an interim licence expires, holders must apply for a new licence under the criteria of the new laws.
  • Local authorities like ours started researching how to develop our own Local Alcohol Policies (LAP)

Stage Two (From June 2013)

  • All licence applications have to meet new expanded criteria (eg whether the licence is likely to increase alcohol-related harm or negatively impact the community)
  • All licence applications are subject to new grounds for objection, which may include the number of outlets already selling alcohol in a community or  its proximity to community facilities like schools, churches or parks.

Stage Three (From December 2013)

  • Territorial Authorities (district councils) can notify provisional LAP's for their appeal periods
  • New national maximum trading hours apply.
  • On-licence and club licence holders will have to provide non-alcoholic drinks, low alcoholic drinks, food, information and help about transport.
  • Licences and managers certificates can be cancelled for five years for specified repeat offenders.
  • District Licensing Committees (DLCs) replace District Licensing Agencies. DLCs will decide all applications for new or renewed licences and managers certificates. Objections to a licence can appeal decisions to the National authority (ARLA).

Agenda (Order Paper)

Please contact the Committee Administrator if you wish to view the order papers for the below meeting dates

03 April 2014 - District Licensing Committee Hearing

12 December 2014 - District Licensing Committee Hearing

05 February 2015 - District Licensing Committee Hearing

13 March 2015 - District Licensing Committee Hearing

07 April 2015 - District Licensing Committee Hearing - S Lever

07 April 2015 - District Licensing Committee Hearing - J Calder

26 June 2015 - District Licensing Committee Hearing - A Jordan.

To find out more about the law changes around the Sale and Supply of Alcohol take a look here.