Coromandel-Colville Community Board Agendas and Minutes

Coromandel-Colville Community Board Meetings are held on a Tuesday from 9:00 am at the Coromandel Service Centre.

Community Board Meetings Support

Community Board meetings are supported by a Committee Advisor.

If you wish to address the Community Board during a public forum session please contact either:

Community Manager : Margaret Harrison; or Committee Advisor : Nicole Miell

Phone : 07 868 0200


See our Public Participation at Meetings page for more information.


Agenda (Order Paper)

To read an Agenda online, select the meeting date below then use the linked index to see each item in the list.

All Order Papers are listed two (2) clear working days prior to a meeting. The list below outlines our future meetings dates for 2016. These dates are subject to change.


Confirmed Minutes

Minutes are updated and published once confirmed at the following meeting.