Audit and Risk Committee - 2018

The Audit and Risk Committee meetings are held on a Tuesday from 9.00am at the Council Chambers in Thames.

Meeting Schedule

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Audit and Risk Committee Membership

The following Councillors have been appointed and represents the Committee:

Bruce Robertson (Independent auditor) is also on the committee.

Legal Counsel, Paul Davies is the Committee Liasion

Audit and Risk Committee Support

Committees of Council are supported by the Governance team.

If you wish to address Council or its Committees during a public forum session please contact the Goverance team. See our Public Participation at Meetings page for more information.

Committee Advisor: Governance team

Phone : 07 868 0200

Purpose of the Audit and Risk Committee

The purpose of the Audit and Risk Committee (the Committee) is to assist and advise the Governing Body in discharging its responsibility and ownership of governance, risk management, and internal control.

Agenda (Order Paper)

To read an Agenda online, select the meeting date below then use the linked index to see each item in the list.

All Order Papers are listed two (2) clear working days prior to a meeting. The list below outlines our future meetings dates for 2018. These dates are subject to change.

Confirmed Minutes

Minutes are updated and published once confirmed at the following meeting.