Community Service Awards

The Thames-Coromandel District Community Service Awards are held every two years. Nominations for the 2020 awards open 21 August - 1 October.

Throughout our District, there are many people who work quietly away at making our communities better places to live, often with little recognition and no pay.

At considerable personal expense and sacrifice, these individuals make substantial efforts toward achieving the ambitions and goals of their community.

Their commitment, generosity and dedication are unquestionable and the Thames-Coromandel District Council’s Community Service Awards is a way of giving some well-deserved recognition to these unsung heroes of our communities.

To be eligible for presentation of this Award, a nominee shall meet the following criteria:

  • A nominee must be resident in the District at the time the services were rendered.
  • The services for which the nominee is recommended must be related to activity within the Thames-Coromandel District, or activity directly benefiting the Thames-Coromandel District.
  • Awards will not be made where nominees have been rewarded in some other form for their service by recognition, by presentation of some alternative honour, by organisational service award, or by payment of wages for services rendered.
  • Awards will not be presented posthumously.
  • An   Award    may    recognise   outstanding   long   term    service    to    a    community organisation(s); or
  • Any other activity or action which is considered worthy of award by the Community Board.

Awards will be granted:

  • At a rate of up to two Community Service awards on a two yearly basis.
  • Awards ceremony to be held at a Council Meeting in December
  • After consideration by the Community Board of each ward charged to investigate the circumstances of the nomination.

Download the nomination form here or on the top right-hand side of this page.

Front face community service medal

On the front of the medal is the emblem of the old Thames Borough Council coat of arms, resplendent with a mining head frame and poppet head. The back of the medal is a koru-shaped heart emblem, reflecting the colours of the Coromandel's deep blue seas and sandy shores and a link to communities being at the heart of the district. 

Back face community service medal

The back of the medal is a koru-shaped heart emblem, reflecting the colours of the Coromandel's deep blue seas and sandy shores and a link to communities being at the heart of the district.

2018 Community Service Award Recipients

Keith Stephenson

Keith Stephenson

Keith was nominated for organising the 'K2 Bike Race' for the last 17 years, the 'Adventure Race' for the last 18 years, the 'Kauri Run' for the last 19 years and for his support around community events.

Laurie Franks

Laurie Franks

Laurie was nominated for the Tairua Care and Friendship Club, in which has been a member for 18 years, and president for 16 years - he has also been the Transport Coordinator, DHB representative and Grants Officer. Laurie was instrumental in the organization of the refurbishment of the Tairua Hall and upgrading of the old library building. Laurie is the founding member of the Probus Club (now known as the Focus Club) and he was elected president for the year 2004/5.

James (Jim) Scott

James Scott Community Service Award 2018

Mr Scott could not attend the 26 June 2018 awards ceremony; instead his certificate and medal were presented at the 7 August Council meeting.

Jim was nominated for the Mercury Bay Medical Trust which he is the trustee of, also for being a member and secretary for the Matarangi Ratepayers Association for 18 years, Resident Management Group, members and supporter of the Kauri 2000/Rings Beach Project, Mercury Bay Arts Escape and co-worker on community plans.