Aquaculture - Sugarloaf business plan

At its Council meeting held on 18 April 2012, the Council selected Sugarloaf as its preferred location for an expansion to the wharf and boat ramp. Sugarloaf is an existing facility located just south of Coromandel Town. Since then the project has evolved into the Coromandel Harbour Facilities Project.

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As background, in 2012 at the Council meeting, the following locations were considered:

  • Kopu
    is ruled out due to heavy metal toxicity
  • Coromandel Wharf
    is not viable based on cost – and also faces issues with potential toxicity, and also increased heavy traffic movements through the town which could adversely affect its heritage and tourism nature.
  • Puhi Rare
  • Sugarloaf

Of these locations, Sugarloaf is recommended as the preferred option because it is an already modified site that currently operates as a wharf, and it is more cost-effective.

Business plan content

Council staff are now working on a business plan to take back to Council this year. The business plan will include:

  • Project management plan and budgets
  • Wharf designs and costs (designs to minimise environmental impacts for residents)
  • Funding and underwriting options
  • Full ecological/environmental assessments
  • The roading project for the upgrading of the Te Kouma Rd/SH25 intersection
  • Upgrade options for the recreational boating facilities and costs
  • Operational management plan to ensure residents, recreational boaties and industry can exist in harmony with each other
  • Draft resource consent application (not to be lodged until Council approves the draft application and business plan)

Council resolutions

The Council has agreed on the following resolutions at its meeting on 18 April 2012

  1. Selects Sugarloaf as its preferred location for the construction of an extension to the existing wharfing infrastructure.
  2. Proceeds with the next stage in the project; being the development of a comprehensive business plan for the Sugarloaf option
  3. Agrees that subject to negotiations with the aquaculture industry, the wharfing expansion at Sugarloaf which directly relates to the aquaculture industry should be funded by the aquaculture industry
  4. Continues to explore Government financial backing, and that a funding plan be brought back to Council for further consideration

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