Cooks Beach Memorial Cairn

The memorial cairn at Cooks Beach was reinstated before the Tuia - Mercury Bay 250 Commemorations in November 2019 - along with work along the foreshore.

This project has been completed.

(The stone cairn reinstated at Cooks Beach)

The memorial stone cairn, which marks Cook’s arrival to Mercury Bay, is now in place at Purangi Reserve in Cooks Beach. The new site includes a path and board walk, heritage signage as well as a platform with a view to a buoy that marks where Cook's ship The Endeavour was moored 250 years ago, this year. The surrounding area is being planted with coastal natives.

We have also completed the backstop wall at Cooks Beach.

The wall is set below ground level to protect existing infrastructure (road, footpath, water supply, stormwater and waste water pipes) from the sea. The consent for the backstop wall was granted from Waikato Regional Council (WRC). 

We are working on resource consent for the installation of a sandbag groyne, which will be placed at the eastern end of the beach at Flaxmill Bay. A groyne will help sand build-up and prevent the beach from being washed away by longshore drift and slow down the process of erosion.

The sandbag groyne will be installed early to mid-2020 and once completed there will be dune plantings, dependent on suitable planting conditions.  Until that time, the beach nourishment will be maintained.