Project Governance Group

Governance Group role

In a nutshell, the governance group will approve the project plan and 'sign-off' on things like who the contractors will be to undertake the testing and any mitigation work that needs to be done.

They are ultimately responsible for the project and the funding from local, regional and central government.

Governance Group meetings

Meetings will be held at the Thames Council Chambers. Members of the public are invited to attend and can speak at the meeting during public forum time.

Download the minutes and agenda reports from the 'download box' on the right hand side of this page, or pick up a copy from the Thames Service Centre.

Governance Group members

Community Representatives

Thames-Coromandel District Council

Waikato Regional Council

  • Councillor Simon Friar
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Clare Crickett

Ministry for the Environment

  • Director Environmental Protection, Kevin Currie