Te Pungapunga Station - New Chum

A subdivision application for Te Pungapunga Station (New Chum) is currently on hold. A separate application Wainuiototo Bay (New Chum) was submitted and publicly notified with hearings set down for May 2015 = however the submitters withdrew the application before the hearing. .

 The latest application (now withdrawn).

The latest application to subdivide land at New Chum Beach (Wainuiototo Bay Whangapoua) was lodged in October 2014.

The application was made by Ross and Deidre Mear and is for the exact same piece of land on which a previous application was lodged in January 2014 by Coastal Land Trust Holdings (Te Pungapunga Station). The application by Coastal Land Trust Holdings, which is a separate identity, is currently on hold due to futher information being sought from the applicant.

The latest application was for a four lot subdivision, all 15 hectares in size along with a 15m wide esplanade strip allowing for public access along the beach. Mr and Mrs Mear own a 50% share in the property with another separate family trust owning the other half.

The four proposed residential lots allows for 4 house sites (up to 236m2 each with garages) and 5 accessory buildings up to 100m2. Vehicle access to the proposed new residential lots would be through the existing farm track running from Te Punga Station. The remaining land (approximately 55ha) would be retired from active farming and established with either existing indigenous vegetation or allowed to regenerate naturally. There would be some areas where landscape planting would be introduced to screen building sites and vehicle access ways from off-site public viewpoints.

Coastal Land Trust application (Te Pungapunga Station currently on hold) December 2013.

  • This is a resource consent application for a house on each of the three lots. The application, which was lodged before the Proposed District Plan (December 2013 version) was notified, so is treated as a "controlled activity," under the rules of the Operative District Plan.
  • As a controlled activity, under the provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991, Council can’t refuse the application but can impose certain conditions on the landowner with regard to the development and maintenance of the land and the siting and design of the proposed houses.
  •  In processing the application Council will look at conditions related to the area of land to be covenanted and the visibility and location of the houses, its design and if any planting work has to be done to soften any visual effects of the development.
  • At this stage the application is currently on hold awaiting some further information from the applicant and once this information has been received then Council will be required to make a decision on notification.

Coastal Land Trust application from 2012 (now withdrawn).

  • This was for 12 lots consisting of 2 large rural lots and 10 rural residential lots ranging in size from 1500m2 to 126ha.
  • The eight sites removed from the 2010 application sat within the Wainuiototo (New Chum) catchment. The 12 sites being proposed (for the construction of 11 additional dwellings) are on Te Pungapunga Station, Te Punga Road (Quarry Road). This is within the Whangapoua drainage catchment.

Other key changes in the (withdrawn) amended application include:

  • The removal of two parent titles from the application ((SA29D/773 and SA 537/221), which reduces the subdivision from 333.6ha to 217ha
  • An esplanade reserve will be created along New Chum Beach to vest in Council as Local Purpose Reserve
  • The Pa Site will remain on a separate title, no longer protected by a Conservation Trust but protected under a Heritage Covenant.
  • The removal of all boat houses from the application
  • An access bridge across the Pungapunga Rivers is proposed, located 50m upstream from the ford. Consent has already been obtained for this bridge from Waikato Regional Council.
  • The amount of existing vegetation to be covenanted will be reduced from 215ha to 111.36ha.
  • Proposed revegetation to be coventanted is reduced from 34ha to 23.85ha.

The revised subdivision plan shows the new configuration of titles, easements and covenants. In particular where larger house lots have been created where previously there were smaller lots set in a large common area.

The (withdrawn) amended application for a Subdivision Consent as listed below:

Amendment to notified application:

Coastal Land Trust Holdings 2010 application (now withdrawn).

This was for a proposed 20 residentail rural lots ranging in size from 1,520m2 to 23,943m2.

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