Wainuiototo Bay - New Chum Hearings

The latest application for a subdivision at New Chum Beach (Wainuiototo Bay) has now been withdrawn.

Hearings suspended

The date for the hearings of the subdivision application at Wainuiototo Bay (New Chum) has been suspended until at least the end of July 2015.

The application has received high public interest across New Zealand and internationally with a total of 187 submissions received and over 80 submitters requesting to be heard.

Hearings had been set down for Monday 4 May but our Council was notified by the applicant's lawyers that there was a last-minute disagreement from one of the co-owners of the site relating to access arrangements to the beach and requested that the application be suspended.

After meeting with Mr Ian Cowper, the lawyer for the Wainuiototo Bay application, Council staff and submitters at a meeting on May 4, the Commissioners decided to suspend the hearings and give the applicants up to two months to resolve the situation.

This allows for time for the applicants to submit an amended application. Depending on the extent of the changes to the original application Council would also need to consider the possibility of re-notifying the application,  In the meantime our Council will be passing on all related costs for the hearings so far, to the applicants".

Through their lawyer, the applicants also apologised to everyone who is inconvenienced for the delay, especially the submitters and the Commissioners.

Directions by the Commisioners appointed to hear and decide this application.

The applicants

The application, made by Ross and Deidre Mear is for a four lot subdivision, all 15 hectares in size along with a 15m wide esplanade strip allowing for public access along the beach. Mr and Mrs Mear own a 50% share in the property with another separate family trust owning the other half.

The current dispute between the two title holders has no bearing on any other separate applications at New Chum

Through their lawyer, the applicants have also apologised to everyone who is inconvenienced for the delay, especially the submitters and the Commissioners


Resource Consent Application Documentation

Application Report

Earthtec Vehicle Access Way

Amended Subdivision Plan

Subdivision Plan

Landscape Proposal

Ecological Assessment

Landscape S92 Response

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RMS S92 response - Response Covering Letter

RMS S92 response - Response Letter

RMS S92 response - Amended Subdivision Plan

RMS S92 response - E1-E6 Preliminary ROW Design Drawings

Applicant's further information

Response letter to TCDC from Russell De Luca Consultancy Ltd.

Attachment A - Richard Hart Supplementary Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment Report

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