Pauanui Aquifer Reconfiguration project

This project is now closed.

Works to upgrade the Pauanui bores to redirect all the bore water to one location have been completed at a cost of just over $300,000.

Pauanui's drinking water is treated as a "one supply" even though the principal and most safe and secure source, the Oturu Stream, provides 99% of the water annually and 70% during the holiday peak. The ground water source, comprising three bores, is only utilised in peak demand periods but still must be sampled monthly as dictated by legislation and the Drinking Water Standards.

Previously only one of the bores pumped into the Gallagher Park reservoir, with the other two directly pumping into the reticulation. UV disinfection was undertaken for all bore water, with bore 1 receiving UV treatment when the water is pumped out of the Gallagher Park reservoir and bores 2 and 3 having their own UV units (in sheds near the bores). 

The reconfiguration project has redirected the three bores to a central treatment area and includes a number of other upgrades, including cartridge filtration, power, new pipework, improvements at the bore heads and the monitoring of bore water.

Individual flow and turbidity meters have been included on each bore allowing control of the flow to the new cartridge filter. Meanwhile the turbidity meters will measure and monitor contaminants (silt, sand, protozoa, etc) within the supply and the removal of contaminants through the 1-micron cartridge filter.

The bore heads have been upgraded and the new enclosures have been constructed around them. This work will secure and reduce the risk of contaminants finding their way down from the surface.  The bores previously had no ability to flush prior to the water entering the town supply. The pipework upgrades will allow us to run each bore to waste, flushing the bore prior to the water making its way in the system. 

The bore field now has:

  • Greater bore head security
  • The ability to flush the bores prior to use
  • All the bore water passing through a cartridge filter
  • Flow and turbidity monitored continuously
  • The capability to be operated remotely

The three bores are now pumpted through the cartridge filter unit in Gallagher Park and thence to the Gallagher Park reservoir. As demand dictates, the water is then pumped through a UV disinfection unit to the reticulation.