Ten Year Plan : Frequently Asked Questions

This project is now closed. Please now refer to our 2015-25 Long Term Plan

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What is a Ten Year Plan?

Every three years, local authorities, in consultation with their communities, put together a new Ten Year Plan that describes the goals of the Council over the next ten years and how the they plan to achieve these.

The purpose of long-term plans is to:

  • Describe the community outcomes
  • Describe the council’s activities
  • Provide integrated decision-making and co-ordination of the resources
  • Provide a long-term focus
  • Provide a basis for accountability to the community
  • Provide an opportunity for participation by the public in decision-making
  • Processes on activities to be undertaken by the local authority.
  • Councils must use a special consultative procedure in adopting and amending these plans.

Ten Year Plans are revised every three years. Community Outcomes are revised every 6 years.

What is an activity?

An 'activity' is a term that describes a service that we provide for the community. We review every 'activity' during the Ten Year plan process.

We offer 28 seperate activities. A list of the activities can be viewed from the related information box on this page. 

What is a level of service?  

Each activity has a level of service attached to it, which describes the type of service the customer will receive. They are a contract with the community.