Thames Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade

This project is now complete.

Thames wastewater plant upgrade will enhance the local environment - UV filtration will improve water quality entering Waihou

The Thames Wastewater Treatment Plant underwent an upgrade to ensure we’re doing what we can to improve on the quality of wastewater entering the Waihou River from the plant.

The plant is located outside of Thames near the Thames Airfield and utilises a retention pond system before treated wastewater is disposed of into the Waihou.

A construction budget of $530,000 allows for the installation of a UV filtration system to provide an additional disinfection stage that will improve the quality of wastewater entering our local environment.

The works are a requirement of the Regional Council resource consent in order to continue disposing of treated wastewater into the river.

Scope of works

A baffle curtain will be installed to assist with improving efficiency of the retention pond and reducing the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in the wastewater.

The curtain - a tensioned steel wire rope strung across a section of the pond and membrane beneath - also minimises any floating debris from entering the outlet structure and being discharged. 

Use of this baffle curtain improves overall water quality and helps us meet our resource consent requirements for wastewater disposal.

We will then install a new pond outlet and a rock filter in front of the retention pond outlet to cater to cultural requirements for treated wastewater to pass through land prior to water disposal.

TCDC Engineer Rodney Clark says as part of the resource consent, the concerns of Iwi have been taken into account with the treated wastewater, passing through land prior to disposal into the Waihou river. A rock filter will be constructed to allow this to occur.

A UV unit with associated electrical works will also be installed.

HEB Construction is the contractor.

Our Project Manager is Rodney Clark.

Project images - early May 2012




Project images - early April 2012



Project images - late March 2012