Whangamata & Onemana CCTV

This page will provide updates on the installation of CCTV in Whangamata and Onemana.


This project is now completed. 

Five cameras have been installed in Whangamata and one in Onemana.

Two of the cameras in Whangamata have number plate recognition software that will assist in identifying stolen vehicles entering and leaving the town by the Police.

The camera in Onemana is similarly equipped.

Budget for the project has been included in the 2018 – 2028 Long Term Plan and is supported by the Whangamata Community Board.

Signals from each camera will be available to be monitored from the Police station in Whangamata; the Police have already approved the location of the associated hardware at the Police station. The Onemana camera will be on a separate system and the images recorded locally.