Coastal Gardening

Join us to help protect our beaches and coastal reserves 

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Dunes are deposits of windblown sand, and therefore vulnerable to human activity and extreme weather events. They're important because they act as a buffer between the land and sea, giving protection from coastal erosion. Native coastal plants like spinifex and pingao bind the sand and help capture more sand to rebuild dunes after a storm.

Coastcare Waikato is a community partnership programme to restore coastal areas throughout the Waikato region. The programme involves local communities, iwi, the Department of Conservation, district councils and Waikato Regional Council working together to restore, protect and look after our coasts and all the species that live and grow here.

As well as promoting community engagement in our environmental initiatives a key goal is to better promote education around coastal restoration. These planting days are a great way to get involved.

For more information follow the Coastcare Waikato Facebook page.