Coromandel Citizens Hall Upgrade

Refurbishment works will commence 11 February 2019.

Reinstatement work for Coromandel Citizens' Hall design 

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The Coromandel Citizens Hall, formerly the St George's Convent School (1897), is in line for a sequence of works focused on making the building safe to use.

A number of small refurbishment works have been done over the past three years, including storm water diversion, replacement of the western wall and replacement of some of the roof sheets above the toilet area. Improvement of the roof rainwater collection and painting the face of the building was also done.

"The Coromandel-Colville Community Board have contributed $20,000 towards the repairs to the building which has renewed interest in the building and instilled a sense of confidence that the building is valued and will be retained by Council," says Coromandel-Colville Community Board Chair, John Walker.

The top priority is making the building safe for use followed by general tidy-up repairs, maintenance and painting of the interior of the Hall which will return the building to its former character.

Coromandel Citizens Hall: Design and consenting work is underway to prepare for the removal of the ex-RSA annex, refurbishment of the eastern wall, replace piles and flooring and improve drainage.  It is hoped that physical works will commence February 2018.

At the moment the  chosen contractor is pricing the various parts of the construction work ready to start on site next February.The Building Consent and Resource Consent for the refurbishment work have both been approved.

The new Matai flooring has been sourced from Hawkes Bay and will be processed for use in January next year. 

Works completed to Date:

Stage one of the community hall project, to make the hall water-tight, has been completed.

  • South wall replacement - replacement of the piles and framing along the full length of the wall
  • Removal of the windows and replacement of the gutter
  • Drainage work - installation of a new 225mm pipeline adjacent to the rear of the building connecting to the existing storm water system at Kapanga Road through a new manhole
  • Minor roof and guttering repairs above the toilet block addition
  • New guttering around the entire building (where required)
  • Replaced a portion of western wall (add-on) adjacent to storage area
  • Clean block work wall and treat for rising damp
  • Fit new ceiling in toilet area
  • Repaint interior of toilet area
  • Replace exiting floor covering with a non-slip vinyl
  • Replace fixtures and fittings, provide a baby changing table
  • Create wheelchair access toilet with own hand basin

The Coromandel Bizarre Trust and Lotteries Community Facilities have generously contributed towards these works.

Works have begun to complete the restoration of the Coromandel Citizens Hall.