Coromandel Harbour Project Milestone Dates

A breakdown of milestone dates for the Coromandel Harbour Project.

Dec 2017 - Marina and Harbour Facilities Strategy approved by Council.

June 2017 - The feasibility of an upgrade to Jack's Point boat ramp is still under consideration. After completing a double dredging in July 2017 the ramp has silted up again and is really only usable an hour either side of high tide, which are alerting the public to. Meanwhile a proposed ramp upgrade is still under consideration as part of our Long-Term planning process. The Park and Ride at Mussell Kitchen is currently being worked through. Meanwhile regular meetings with the CoroMFA continue, along with updating the Stakeholders Working Group.

February 2017 - The Jack's Point part of the project is proceeding in the 2017-18 Annual Plan process and/or 2018-2028 Long-Term planning processes with determinations due in June 2017. The scope will propose the upgrade of the Jacks Point facility and will be brought into the district harbour project scope within the 2017- 18 or 2018/19 financial year. The Council report will also detail the additional budget requirements based on the enhanced design.  Mussel Kitchen consent for a park and ride to cater for charter boat operators in Coromandel Harbour is approved.

November 2016 - Successful dredging of Jack's Point boat ramp makes it more accessible for boat launching and retrieving.

April 2016 - An MOU is signed between the CoroMFA and our Council which means the proposed development of a piled wharf attached to the existing reclamation at the Wharf will be driven by the CoroMFA..

Dec 2015 - A soft launch of the Investment Proposal document asking for expressions of interest from Regional and Central Government and the commercial sector about partnering with Council on developing the Inner Harbour.

2015 -16 - Negotiations between the Coromandel Marine Farmers Association (CoroMFA) about any future development of the Sugarloaf Whart. The draft Business Case for the Inner Harbour Project is reviewed by Council's Project Review Team and a recommendation that further details be included. As a result of these changes the Business Case will be prepared as an Investment Proposal document, which will to go before our Economic Development Committee and then on to Council

Dec 2014 - Council approve the concept of an expanded Sugarloaf Wharf and commencement of resource consent planning to address health and safety concerns and cater for aquaculture growth in the short to medium term. The expansion will be funded by the aquaculture industry and we are currently working out the detail of funding arrangements with the Coromandel Marine Farmers Association (CMFA).

Council has also supported work be undertaken for a Business Case of the Inner Harbour. This is a longer-term project looking into the possibility of a half-metre dredging of Furey's Creek for charter boats and recreational boaties, and a dredged basin concept in the Coromandel inner Harbour.  The Business Case is to be presented to Council in May 2015.

Milestones One and Two completed.

Sept 2014 - A second public meeting is held and a Stakeholders Working Group is established which includes representatives from iwi, DOC, WRC, Coromandel Business Association, ratepayers, aquaculture, recreation and commercial fishers and environmental organisations. This group will meet on a regular basis to provide input and feedback into the project.

May 2014 - The 2014-15 Annual Plan consultation process recorded 65 submissions relating to the Coromandel Harbour Facilities project. Of these submitters, 80% agreed with the concept and 20 % disagreed. It was decided that the Harbour strategy and resulting business cases for the identified projects would need to be approved by Council prior to commencing with any consents and physical works. Council has approved for a business case to proceed and has $850k allocated in the 2014/15 Annual Plan (as a provisional sum) which is reserved for the purpose of funding a resource consent process for a Council approved concept following delivery of the business case.

Meanwhile a Project Briefing was held for the public to talk about where the project is at. A Stakeholders Working Group has been set up to be the forum through which community and stakeholder views and issues can be tabled and included in the project for consultation

March 2014 - A re-scoped roadmap for the project is approved by Council which allowing for the completion of a business case to assess various development options at both the Furey's Creek and Sugarloaf Wharf sites. The completion of the business case will cost $110,000 and will be funded through a three-year loan.

Feb 2014 - The proposed scope and cost of this sediment quality report goes to Council's Economic Development Committee for input being considered by Council on 26 February 2014. It recommends Furey's Creek as a preferred option for recreation and charter boat users. It also suggests sediment sample testing are delayed until a desktop study around best techniques for successfully measuring is confirmed. Meanwhile aquaculture and recreational fishing interests are separated at Sugarloaf Wharf to improve health and safety practices. Aquaculture and recreational fishing are the two consented activities at the Sugarloaf.

December 2013 - Milestone Two. A report is taken to Council presenting Furey's Creek as the recommended option for development. Council asks whether more work should be undertaken to determine the level of contaminants and potential effects of dredging at Furey's Creek, through sampling of the sediment at specific depth and levels.

October 2013 - Milestone One. A situation and needs analysis to determine the current and future harbour infrastructure and activity needs presented to Council at its October meeting. There are four focus areas of interest Furey's Creek, Long Bay, Coromandel Harbour and Sugarloaf Wharf, Te Kouma. A public survey is undertaken along with introductory  meetings with key stakeholders including iwi, commercial and recreational fishing organisations, community groups, businesses, environmental groups, regional and national government agencies.

July 2013 - A consortium of technical consultants is the successful tenderer led by Cranleigh. The total value of the tender is $240,500 split into three go-no-go parcels of work with estimated costs aligned with three Milestones

April 2013 - Council approves a budget of $40,000 within the Economic Development activity for a feasibility study into options for future harbour facility development . This budget is split between the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 financial years ($15,000 and $25,000 respectively). Following the initial study the scope of the project was broadened to provide a comprehensive review of all Coromandel Harbour options. A work package is put out to tender.

Jan 2013 - The Coromandel/Colville Community Board indicates in its 2013-2014 Community Plan that strategically the development and upgrade of the Coromandel Harbour facilities is one of its top priorities.