New Whitianga Resource Recovery Centre

(Concept plan pictured above)

We have a first draft conceptual layout that we are working through with specific users for the new centre, which is proposed to be built this year in Moewai Road. 

The detailed design is progressing. Building design and geotechnical engineering starts this month. 

The replacement of the Whitianga Transfer Station is on schedule with the site investigation and civil design process to be completed by July 2021. Earthworks will commence in spring 2021.

The draft concept design report has been received, evaluated and commented on by staff and stakeholders. This included a conservative budget estimate which exceeded the Annual Plan budget for 21/22. The Long Term Plan process will determine whether the revised budget will be approved.

Meanwhile, we’re looking at ways to seek external funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund for portions of the site development, that if implemented, will have a direct effect on minimising waste to landfill. These include working with the local Mercury Bay Resource Recovery Centre Trust to apply for the building costs and perhaps commercial waste sorting initiatives that will divert waste from landfill. Pricing for the detailed design of the new facility has been received and design deliverables are expected to take 70 days to be delivered.