Skate Projects

Plans for upgrades and builds of brand new skate parks, skate ramps and skate paths are rolling on around the district.


Mayor Sandra officially opened the Whitianga Skatepark on 9 January 2021.

The new skate park was designed by Australian company Convic, a well-established global leader in youth-space design that has created more than 700 action sports facilities around the world.

The concept design is separated into three main areas and can be viewed here.

  1. A street drain run, which follows the Carina Creek edge and consists of low height obstacles maintaining the views through the facility.
  2. An open flow section, consisting of beginner to intermediate transition features, with some unique and challenging obstacles.
  3. An isolated bowl section, consisting of intermediate to advanced quarter pipes.

The design incorporates three main connector paths into the facility: one along Carina Creek, one from the town centre plaza and one from the town hall. Seating has also been incorporated into some of the facility’s platform areas.

The site presents an opportunity to incorporate important cultural and landscape elements, as well as integrating youth needs with other users of the Whitianga town centre and waterfront area. In this way the skate park will be an integral part of the town centre, helping to create a dynamic social hub for the whole community.

Contractors started work on 15 September. The skate park was opened to users on Tuesday 22 December 2020. 

Additional elements, including the timber decks, shelters and garden planting were added through 2021.


The upgrade consisted of grinding the skate bowl in December 2019 to repair the existing skate park on Martyn Road (1265m2 approximately in size), and construction of a street skate area next to the existing bowl on top of the bank.

“The project has received a lot of positive feedback from the Whangamatā community and created a better flow from the shelter area to establish a street skate ‘zone’,” says Ken Coulam, Whangamata Community Board Chair.

"The focus of the project acknowledges the importance of the existing bowl for skating history in Whangamatā, but at the same time we gave it a new lease of life so the next generation can continue to express themselves in new creative and exciting ways," says Mr Coulam.

The existing skate park was built in two separate time periods. The oldest and most iconic part is the snake run bowl, which is over 30 years old. This bowl has a lot of history in the skating scene in Whangamatā and is known by skaters internationally as one of only three skate areas in New Zealand identified in Thrasher magazine’s notable parks.

“We hope the upgrade will put the Whangamatā back on the skating destination map,” says Mr Coulam.



The well-loved and well-used skate bowl in Pāuanui was ground and sealed in 2021 with an epoxy concrete sealer to extend concrete life and also give a better surface for users. It will receive a fresh makeover in the 2023/2024 year.

You can view the proposed concept plan (above) here.

(Existing Pauanui skate bowl pictured above)



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