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We’re into Stage Two of the Tairua Skatepark project, which is looking to procure a contractor complete to complete the Capital Development Project Process. Stage Two involves the appointment of an expert skatepark designer and independent project manager and community design reference group. It also encompasses the final design and cost, capital works procurement, and construction.  

Stage One involved extensive community consultation on the appetite for, and prefered site of, the Tairua Skatepark. This comprehensive consultation process included site walk-throughs, in-person public meetings, online public meetings and digital surveys.  

A Skatepark Design Reference Group is going to be set up which will include representatives from a range of groups such as skaters, residents who live beside Cory Park, The Protect Cory Park Domain Society (PCPDS), Tairua Sports and Rugby Club (TRSC), Tairua Recreation Sports Trust (TRST), police, and possibly other reserve users.  

Veros, the independent company that led Stage One of the project, will spearhead the invitation and Reference Group appointment process. 

Hearings for Tairua skatepark site selection consultation on 28 and 29 April

Our Council received 1,044 submissions to our formal consultation asking if the Tairua community agreed with Cory Park Domain as the proposed location for a skatepark in Tairua.

Sixty-three people indicated they would like to speak to their submission to our Council at hearings held on 28-29 April 2022.

In summary:

• 92.49 per cent of submitters agreed with Cory Park Domain as the location for the skatepark.

• 7.03 per cent of submitters disagreed with Cory Park Domain as the location for the skatepark.

• 0.48 per cent were neutral or provided no response.

We’d like to thank the Tairua community for their patience and engagement with the consultation process. 

An initial survey in October-November 2021 helped shape the site selection criteria, sites to be shortlisted and skatepark design elements.

A second survey in November-December last year was to get people’s official preference on the site from the shortlist of Cory Park Domain, Pepe Reserve and Tairua School.

On 8 February 2022 our Council adopted Cory Park Domain as the preferred site for the skatepark.

The final stage was the submission process held over 14 February to 8 April on Council’s preferred location of Cory Park Domain. This submission process was held following the special consultative procedure as set out in the Local Government Act, the same process we use for consultations on our Long Term Plans and Annual Plans. 

Tairua Skatepark Formal Consultation

This consultation closed on Friday 8 April 2022.

A formal consultation on our Council's preferred site for a family friendly skatepark in Tairua opened on 14 February and closed on 8 April. 

Our Council engaged an independent consultancy, Veros, who used a Multi-Criteria Analysis tool, adopted by our Council, following community input, to evaluate all the sites. Cory Park Domain scored the highest and was therefore the recommended preferred site. The other two were Pepe Reserve and Tairua School.

The Statement of Proposal, available to download from the right side of this page, clearly states the reasons for this recommendation.

The Site Selection Consolidated Report (the Report) contains more information on the site selection process, the criteria used to evaluate the sites and the detailed results of that evaluation.

We would like to extend our thanks to the wider community for the significant contribution to this process to date.

Clarification of effect of Tairua skatepark on playing field at Cory Park Domain:

Our Council has received a copy of the newsletter from Tairua Rugby and Sports Club inc (TRSC) sent to the club’s membership on 15 March 2022.

The newsletter makes some statements about the potential effects of locating a skatepark on Cory Park Domain in Tairua on the playing field there. In conjunction with Veros, the independent consultancy hired to evaluate potential skatepark sites in Tairua, our Council has responded to the rugby club’s newsletter in order to clarify some potential misunderstandings.

The full response can be downloaded from the right side of this page.

Tairua Skatepark Summary of Information:

How Council identified all reasonably practicable options.

Following the First Community Survey response of 93% support for a skatepark in Tairua, our Council determined that not progressing a skatepark without serious consideration of site options was not a reasonably practicable option.

Over the close-to-30 years of project history many potential sites were raised and rejected for various reasons.

As part of the First Community Survey three shortlisted sites were suggested. These were (in alphabetical order, which is the order used throughout this SOP):

  • Cory Park Domain.
  • Pepe Reserve.
  • Tairua School.

74 per cent (336 respondents) to the First Community Survey agreed with the shortlist.

An assessment of the other sites suggested was carried out and reported to Council to confirm the shortlist. Due to a number of reasons including significant increases in cost to, for example acquire land, distance from town, wider economic consequences and time delays, none of the other sites suggested were included in the shortlist.

The results of the application of the multi-criteria analysis to the shortlisted sites are provided below.

Assessment of options

The First Community Survey asked the Tairua community if they thought the multi criteria site assessment criteria outlined in the survey were a good basis for making a decision on the location of a skatepark in Tairua. 89 per cent (412) respondents said yes. Of the 11 per cent (53) respondents who said no the two most-mentioned reasons for the no response were:

  • Distance from neighbours – distance from neighbours was already a criterion; however, as a result of the feedback this criterion was changed to provide more nuanced testing of distance from neighbours at distances of 30,40 and 50m.
  • Access to toilets – access to toilets was already a criterion. The feedback on this criterion did not results in a change to the criterion.

Four criteria categories with 13 specific criteria elements (some with additional breakdown of testing within them) were adopted by our Council on 7 December 2021.

The categories and criteria are:

1.0 Mana Whenua and Community Views and Considerations

1.1 The level of community support for each location and why

1.2 The level of mana whenua support for each location and why

2.0 Location

2.1 Distance from Neighbours

2.2. Distance from Town Centre

2.3 Safety: We used the national guidelines for Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) to assess safety. You can find out more about CPTED here.

I. Access

II. Surveillance

III. Layout

IV. Activity mix

2.4 Noise

3.0 Cost and Timing Impacts

3.1 Land availability

3.2 District Plan compliance

3.3. Reserves Act compliance

3.4 Other matters; archaeological, flooding, earthworks, removal or repositioning of existing structures

4.0 User Needs Met

4.1 Minimum site size met

4.2 Environmental considerations

4.3 Accessibility to amenities for users

Tairua Skatepark Location Options assessment summary (advantages and disadvantages)

The comprehensive site assessment report completed by Veros is available to view at the Thames-Coromandel District Council office in Thames, all Service Centre, and the Tairua Library and online on this webpage. This report also contains the full criteria methodology which shows how each criteria was applied.

The table below shows how each site scored against each of the criteria. A ‘3’ is the highest and best score a site could achieve, a ‘0’ the lowest and worst. Noting that as all shortlisted sites met the minimal site size requirement each site scored a 0 for that criteria.

(Click on the table to open a larger version)

MCA assessment table

The results of the MCA assessment are:

  • Cory Park Domain 31.87 (recommended preferred site)
  • Pepe Reserve 20.80
  • Tairua School 11.17 (noting that due to a fatal flaw relating to the security of tenure at Tairua School this site was removed from the short-list).

More information on the advantages and disadvantages of the sites are on the Statement of Proposal available on the right of this page.

Tairua Skate Park location consultation background information

A site at Cory Park Domain was identified but legal proceedings in 2021 forced a halt to the project. In order to start with a clean slate, the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board agreed at its June 2021 meeting to revoke all previous decisions made in regards to the skate park.

A new timeline and process to look at the development of a skatepark at Tairua has been signed off.

An out-of-cycle budget of $60,000 funded from the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board’s retained earnings is being used for Veros Property Services, an independent company with expertise in planning, consultation and project management, to lead the work.

Thank you! We received 523 responses to the Tairua Skatepark Survey between 15 October and 19 November. Over 93% of people who responded to the Tairua Skatepark survey told us that they supported the development of a skatepark in Tairua. The focus of the balance of this stage of the project is to inform the decision about where. A set of draft criteria were provided for feedback during the same survey. Over 78% of people supported the criteria as drafted – many people commented on particular aspects like;