Annual Plan 2014/2015

The 2014/15 Annual Plan was adopted by the Council at its meeting held on Thursday 26 June 2014.

The Annual Plan for 2014/2015 is based on our 2012- 2022 Ten Year Plan, but is an ‘annual update’ for the year ahead.

In last year’s Annual Plan introduction, we made mention of Council’s financial performance over the three year term as characterised by both rate and debt reductions. Council pegged these back to a level we felt was prudent for what we were seeing in the economy. We also reduced costs to a level that allowed us some room to move in future when some of our planning for economic development was ready to be delivered on. In this new term (since elections in October 2013) the Council still continues to commit to prudence, but is signalling that economic development initiatives that were in the planning phases are now ready to go. We are resourcing up to deliver on these things.

Overall then, we’d like to draw attention to the following key points about our Annual Plan:

  • The overall rates rise is projected to be 2.21% to pay for all that’s contained in this Annual Plan which we have worked hard to reduce following the draft which proposed a 2.6% rates rise.
  • There are new economic development projects and through our draft Annual Plan we consulted on changing the way this activity is paid for.
  • The proposed overall capital spend this year is $24.4 million ($4.3 million less than last year).
  • A short-term measure to partially fund, through rates, a larger portion of the interest costs associated with the additional capacity loans for past growth related infrastructure which includes wastewater schemes on the east coast.
  • Local government reorganisation in the Waikato Region is on our ‘watch list’ and could be significant for the District if this process is triggered.

Fees and Charges

As part of the Annual Plan, our fees and charges have been updated.  For a full breakdown either download the 2014/2015 Fees and Charges Schedule

Here's a summary of what's changed from 2013/2014:

There are a number changes to fees and charges that we would like to draw attention to. The changes are as follows:

  • We have introduced new landing fees for Commercial Aircraft at the Thames Airfield: one landing per day $20, two landings per day $40, day rate $50 and an annual fee of $900 and a $10 landing fee for Microlights.
  • Storage fees and charges for Hall Storage Hire has changed from $5 charge to a one month minimum charge of $2 per month per m3.
  • A $50 annual fees has been introduced this year for commercial advertising/signage at Hannafords Jetty.
  • Mercury Bay Multi-Sport Complex has some new charges associated with new facilities as follows:
    1.   Meeting Room - $10/hr
    2.   Foyer and Kitchen $20/hr
    3.   Barbeque $10 per use
  • Dog registration fees have increased by $4 to $64,
  • Registration for dangerous dogs has increased to 150% of the normal registration fee; this means that the fee will be $96 in 2014/2015 year.
  • There have been a number of nominal increases in impounding fees for registered and unregistered dogs and stock control.
  • Cemeteries - Due to an increase in the contractor's charges, an increase of $35 is proposed to the adult internment fee, from $960 to $995.
  • There have been a number of changes to fees for Building Consent processing including Project Information Check for building consents increasing by $15 dollars to $335,  Memorandum of Encumbrance is now $375 (increase by $65), Certificate of Public Use has increased by $50 to $250 and Residential exemptions have reduced by $50 to $40.
  • Fees and Charges for Resource Consents under Land Use Management Activity have changed slightly in some areas with slight increases and decreases to fees and charges to better reflect the costs of providing this service.
  • There have been some changes to Halls fees and charges including:
    1.   Coromandel Halls - increase in charges for booking fees.
    2.   Thames - New definitions for community hire rate
    3.   New fees and charges for the Pauanui Amenity Building Meeting room for non-profit  and commercial users. These include $10 and $20 for half and full day usage for non-profit organisations. $50 and $100 for half and full days for commercial users and a $10 charge for kitchen per booking.
    4.   A new fee for all date use of the Whitianga Hall has been included this year at $116 subject to  discretion for uses associated with significant community benefit.
  • A number of increased fees and charges for Harbour Facilities at Coromandel including $10 increase in charges for a permit for recreational boat launching/trailer parking at Sugarloaf, $50 increase in charges for boat sheds and $14 increase for slipway grid maintenance at Te Kouma.
  • 50% discounts are offered for commercial wharfage fees for 2014/2015 year for ports away from home. I.e. commercial operator will pay the full fee in their home port (where business is located) and then receive a 50% discount on annual commercial at other berths away from home.
  • New fees set by Central Government have been introduced for Liquor Licencing.
  • LIM application fees have increased slightly for the 2014/2015 year.