Revoked - Bylaw for Standards of Camping on Private Property - Ngā tikanga noho pūpahi

This Bylaw is now revoked as Council agreed there are other ways of regulating any problems that might arise from camping on private property.

We adopted the Standards of Camping on Private Property Bylaw in December 2015. The bylaw was in response to a perceived problem with large groups staying in temporary structures such as tents on private property, particularly during the summer period and during large events. There were concerns about potential issues of public health and safety, including overcrowding, pollution, littering and nuisance to neighbouring properties.  

Analysis of the complaints since the implementation of this bylaw, and discussion with our Regulatory staff indicated that the Bylaw had never been used to resolve public health and safety concerns associated with camping on private property, and there was no significant ongoing issue with camping on private property. 

We asked for your feedback on the revocation of this Bylaw between July and August 2021, and we received eight submissions, six in favour and two against.

Council considered the submissions and decided to revoke the bylaw at its 14 September 2021 meeting. The revocation is effective from 30 September 2021.  Read more here.

For other rules that might affect camping on private property, see our web page on Noise Control.

For rules that might affect people who charge for camping on private land, see the National regulations, called Camping-Grounds Regulations 1985 (available at