Code of Practice for Subdivision & Development

This Code of Practice is necessary to provide controls, to ensure that the infrastructure created is and will remain fit for the intended use for the foreseeable future.

In the Code of Practice we're trying to manage costs effectively, allow minimum uniform standards and create benefits for developers, property owners and the community by providing flexibilty in alternative design and construction.


What is the Code of Practice?

It provides a means of compliance for engineering design and construction while fulfilling conditions imposed by a resource consent for subdivision and development (or works that are carried out as a permitted activity).

What does the Code of Practice consist of?

Administered by our planning team the Code of Practice is divided into seven sections

  • General Requirements and procedures
  • Earthwork and land stability
  • Roading
  • Water supply
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater and land drainage
  • Landscaping

There are then seven appendices which are divided into

What is the Code of Practice used for?

The code applies to assets vested in Council, existing or future Council assets from proposed development and works required by a resource consent. It's also used for construction works like subdivisions, land development, installation and upgrading of utility services and upgrading of existing infrastructure not covered in the current Building Act.

What parts of the Code of Practice might I be interested in?