Events Strategy

Our Council believes strongly that quality events are a key factor to realise a vision to make the Coromandel a preferred region to live, work and raise a family.

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Developing the Coromandel as a nationally significant events destination is an ambitious, yet achievable objective, given our track record as a district in hosting events such as the K2 cycle race, the world-famous Beach-Hop, and the Scallop Festival.

Our overall economic development strategy as a council recognises the need to pull more people to the Coromandel as tourists and to attract our large holiday-home owner population to their favourite spot on earth more often. Quality events are one way to do this.

Towns and cities all around New Zealand are focusing on events and domestic tourism like never before. The Coromandel also needs to raise the stakes and leverage off our fantastic lifestyle, beautiful environment and fantastic people to either create new events or incubate to expand home-grown events which will add significant value to  our economy and communities.

In partnership with our Regional Tourism Organisation, Destination Coromandel, and most importantly the events industry, we are confident we can implement an events strategy that delives tangible and meaningful outcomes.

We look forward to making it happen - together.

Strategy Outcomes

The Council has four critical outcomes it is trying to achieve with its approach to events:

1. Growing visitor nights

By attracting tourists (domestic mainly) which is well aligned and supportive of Destination Coromandel's objective to do the same through destination marketing.

Events are one way to achieve this and can be one way to extend people's stay on the Coromandel.

2. Stimulating economic growth

We have tens of thoursands of residents who love the Coromandel so much they have a second home here and we want them to return more often and for longer. Events can help lure our holiday home owners here more often and encourage them to venture beyond their traditional tried and true habits (although they don't need much pushing!).

3. Enhancing the Coromandel lifestyle

Our district's events bring much variety and diversity to living on the Peninsula, from heritage events to summer festivals and fishing competitions, there's an event of every colour and flavour. We want to make people even more proud to call this place home.

4. Increase our brand's exposure to the nation

The major opportunities for our district sit with our non-permanent population and our domestic tourism market. Quality events will take the Coromandel brand to the nation, and by default a lot wider if we can nail it with our domestic focus first.