Development Contributions Policy

Development contributions are the levies charged by Council that go towards paying for the additional cost of community and infrastructure needed as a result of development on our peninsula. If you are planning a subdivision, an extension to a property or a property development, you may need to pay a development contribution to Council.


The Local Government Act 2002 gives Council the power to use development contributions as a way of funding growth-related capital expenditure and it sets out the requirements for development contribution policies like the one Council has.

Development contributions may be payable on any new development or subdivision or when applying for a building consent or service connection.

The key purpose of the Development Contributions Policy is to ensure that growth, and the cost of infrastructure to meet that growth, is funded by those who cause the need for that infrastructure. Development contributions are not a tool to fund the cost of maintaining infrastructure or improving levels of service. These costs are met from other sources.

What are development contributions?

Development contributions are essentially the repayment of money advanced by Thames- Coromandel ratepayers to fund new infrastructure. As a ratepayer, your rates fund the existing infrastructure you need - the roads, water and waste water infrastructure, parks and community facilities.  Rates also allow Council to borrow money for new infrastructure required by new homes and new or expanded commercial premises. Our Development Contributions Policy ensures that the ratepayer is repaid. Development contributions only fund the growth component which is the extra infrastructure, services and amenities that new developments require. Council funds those costs in the interim but expects to recover these advances through development contributions. It is a policy approach that both assists the growth of the peninsula and is fair and equitable to ratepayers.

The following documents explore why development contributions are needed, what they fund, when they need to be paid and what you are likely to pay.

Development Contributions brochure

This is a guide to the Development Contributions Policy.

Development Contributions Policy - June 2021

This is Council's policy that sets out the principles, purpose and triggers for taking  a development contributions under the Local Government Act 2002.

Development contributions calculation form

This is a form that can be used to calculate development contributions

Schedule of assets

This is a schedule of the capital projects that have been budgeted for and shows the percentage that will be funded by development contributions.

Development contributions - frequently asked questions

This is a list of the most common questions and answers asked about development contributions.