Heritage Strategy

Our objective in developing a Heritage Strategy was to identify, collect and preserve the District’s oral, written and physical heritage and have coordinated and supportive approach to heritage management. Our Heritage Strategy was adopted in February 2008.

The Coromandel Peninsula is layered in multiple histories from the early Polynesian migrations and Maori settlements, Captain Cook’s visit for the Transit of Mercury, extending to the gold mining and kauri logging throughout the District, the Coromandel is truly steeped in rich and diverse heritage.

Heritage is considered and carried out by many departments of Council including: the District Plan, Economic Development (tourism), Policy and Parks and Reserves.

Heritage is treasured for its inherent values, cultural importance and sense of identity. The District’s communities recognise the importance of heritage and are working towards protecting, maintaining and enhancing those heritage values which make the Coromandel Peninsula a special place. There are many community and iwi groups, organisations and government agencies already actively involved with heritage protection in the District.

We have recognised that the protection of heritage is an important issue facing the Coromandel Peninsula. Council's outcomes support Maori and early - European heritage. A co-ordinated and supportive approach to heritage protection is undertaken for oral, written and physical heritage to be identified, collected and preserved.

The Strategy supports the policies within the Operative District Plan and prioritises new actions to ensure that positive heritage outcomes are achieved.

The Strategy consolidates the strategic direction and the contribution we make in regard to heritage protection on the Coromandel Peninsula. Monitoring of the Strategy and the effectiveness of the District Plan was carried out in preparation for the District Plan Review.

The Heritage Strategy is up for a review. A pre-consultation survey will run from 18 December 2020 to 28 February 2021. This survey will enable the Council to understand the community's expectations in regard to Heritage and Council's role in it.  Take the survey here