Creative Communities Scheme: Successful Applicants April 2016

Successful applicants for the October 2015 Creative Communities Scheme funding round:

Coromandel Art Group  Hands on painting workshop 275
Saint Georges Choral  A Night at the Opera 750
Saint Georges Choral
 Choral Training Workshop 400
Coromandel Community Organic Garden
 Mural for Entrance Gate 1,200
Steampunk the Thames
 Air Brush and Jewellery Workshops 1,750
St Francis School Thames
 Thames Christmas lights display activities 1,400
Coro Sonic Lab - Matt Sephton
 Collaborative Electronic Music Making Project 405
Coromandel Business Association
 Lantern Making Workshops 1,500
Connected Media
 Free One day film making workshop - The Outlook for Someday 1,600
Total 9,280