Funding HQ

If you’re a group or organisation that relies on external funding for your work in the community – we're here to help you become more sustainable.

We partnered with Jenni Giblin from Funding HQ and hosted workshops around the district in July to help community groups diversify the range of funding options. 

Jenni has raised over $165 million for community projects throughout the country, and this is an exciting opportunity for groups and organisations around the Coromandel to become financially sustainable. 

Ally Davey, from Spirit of Coromandel Trust and Project Manager at Ride Coromandel points out that due to COVID there has been no gaming funding, limiting the amount of funding available to community groups. “Since we completed the Coromandel bike park it has been difficult to gain funding for on-going operational costs such as salaries, wages and maintenance,” says Ms Davey. “The Funding HQ workshop helped community groups like ours plan projects and allow for a targeted funding approach.”

The workshops ran in Thames, Whitianga and Whangamatā in July 2022, the same month that our Community Board grants round were open. This was so groups could also look at what other avenues are available for funding other than the Community Board grants. 

"There’s always a greater number of applications for our Community Board grants than the funds available – so our Community Boards have a tough job dispersing funds equitably,” says our Communications and Economic Development Manager Laurna White. "So, where our Council can’t help with funding, we can provide other forms of assistance, like these funding workshops.” 

The workshop was packed with practical ideas that can be easily implemented and will help groups large or small, demystify the world of fundraising. 

It included how to: 

  • Develop a compelling case - your funding brand story - why should a funder support you? 
  • Navigate your way through Trust applications and securing funds 
  • Successfully secure corporate/business sponsorship 
  • Create a donor framework and database, and see how to start an individual regular giving campaign 
  • Look after and retain your sponsors and partners 
  • Make sure you look after your own wellbeing in the ever-changing world of fundraising. 

It was free to attend and participants were provided with a Funding HQ resource kit of templates to help with their fundraising work. 

Local success story: Ally Davey and Ride Coromandel

Ally Davey

Ally Davey is an incredible local advocate for outdoor access and recreation. As the Manager of the Ride Coromandel Bike Park, and the driving force behind the newly formed Coromandel Trail Collective, Ally works tirelessly to create opportunities for all different groups of people to access and enjoy the natural environment.

FundingHQ gave Ride Coromandel peace of mind when faced with a lack of funding opportunities available due to COVID-19. Ally says working with FundingHQ has "given us more of a structured and planned approach towards longer term funding."

The Ride Coromandel Bike Park has been a labour of love for the Spirit of Coromandel Trust team. For over ten years they’ve been raising funds and raising hopes for a high quality bike park to give locals and visitors an active experience of the outdoors and Coromandel’s natural beauty. And now, the park is bigger and better than they imagined.

Ride Coromandel recently won the Outstanding Active Space Initiative award at the 2021 Waikato Sports and Active Recreation Awards.