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Whitianga Town Centre Upgrade - What's going on this week

05 April 2018

The rubble is starting to hit the main street of Whitianga with the Town Centre upgrade getting into full swing this week.

The first section of Albert Street (from Monk St to Lee St), including a section of Taylor's Mistake have been fenced off from vehicle traffic and diggers have already started excavating to remove the existing kerbs and channels.

Work this week will also involve moving existing street furniture, excavating a common service trench, along with relocating a power pillar and phone booths.

Dempsey Wood Civil have been employed to do the entire works, which will be completed by December 2018. A container and worksite has been set up on a section of Taylor's Mistake to hold equipment, while the old fire station building on Monk St is the site office for the duration of the development.

"There is going to be a lot of heavy machinery used," says Andrew Boden, our Council's Town Centre Project Manager. "Regular construction hours will be from 7am - 7pm, from Monday to Saturday and on occasions where night work is required, the community will be notified in advance."

"We are holding a weekly Construction Impact Meeting with representatives from the local business association, to talk through the week ahead and iron out any issues." says Mr Boden. "They will then share this around, so businesses and stakeholders know what's happening for the following week"

We are also putting out weekly press releases through our Councils' communication channels and in the Mercury Bay Informer.

What you need to know this week:

  • Shops within the currently fenced area (from Monk St to Lee St) are still OPEN to the public. There is still pedestrian access. We are putting up signs to encourage people to walk through and shop.
  • If customers with accessibility issues are trying to get to the doctor or chemist - park as close to the fences as you can. This gives you a 20m distance to get to either destination. Our contractors have been made aware of this and will try and help as much as they can.
  • Fire and ambulance will be able to get through in an emergency, again with our contractors able to free up access quickly.

For more information go to which will give you information on the next stages for the upgrade and other alternatives for parking away from the main street.

But also please feel free to contact us 07 868 0200 if you would like more information or if you have any concerns.