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Whitianga Town Centre Upgrade - What's going on this week

17 April 2018

David and Shirley Wilson of Fagans

It is business as usual for Dave and Shirley Wilson and the team of Fagans Furniture, Beds & Homewares as they watch construction of the Whitianga town centre upgrade going on directly outside their shop front door.

As the name suggests, if there's something you want for your kitchen, dining, lounge, bedroom or flooring, Fagans will have it. The Wilson's, who have owned the business for the past 11 years, take pride in offering a large range of furniture, homeware and beds. And you can find an extensive range of flooring, drapes, tiles and Resene paints from their flooring store in Albert Street.

As part of the town centre upgrade project we're profiling a local business affected by the construction works to encourage people to buy local. Fagans offer a free delivery service and there's always in-store deals to look out for as well as an assortment of homeware goodies discounted at the shop-front door.

"Since we took over the business we've seen Whitianga's town centre grow from strength-to -strength and we realise that the Whitianga town upgrade needs to go ahead," says Shirley.

"We’re like all the other businesses affected by the disruption, so rely on the loyalty of our customers to keep us all going" she says.

During the time the Wilson's have owned Fagans, they and their staff have built up a great reputation and relations with the local community and absentee property owners. "We pride ourselves on excellent, friendly customer service and knowledge of product," says Dave.

Fagans are equally supportive of the community, offering sponsorship and donation of prizes to many community events including club fundraising, sports groups and events. They are also 100% behind the local newspaper, The Informer's Buy Local campaign during the town centre upgrade.

"We’re all looking forward to the new and improved Albert Street at the end," says Dave.

You can check out Fagans website or come and visit them at 33 Albert St.

Fagans is one of the stores that are affected by Stage One of the main street upgrade, which sees a section of the street closed to vehicle traffic until mid-July. All the stores are still open to pedestrians so please come and shop.

What's going on this week

  • The first section of Albert Street (from Monk St to Lee St), including a section of Taylor's Mistake continues to be fenced off from vehicle traffic until July.
  • Continuation of potable water service fabrication on the eastern and western sides of Albert Street.
  • Continuation excavation and installation of 900 storm water line from Taylors Mistake heading towards Monk Street.
  • Kerb excavation to subgrade for installation of subsoil drainage.
  • Installation of Chorus fibre and futureproof ducting to the eastern and western sides of Albert Street.
  • We have temporarily relocated 4 existing palm trees from Albert Street to Dempsey Wood Civil site compound on Taylor's Mistake. The care of the trees is being monitored by a contracted arborist.
  • There is going to be a lot of heavy machinery used. Regular construction hours will be from 7am - 7pm, from Monday to Saturday and on occasions where night work is required, the community will be notified in advance.
  • We have had calls about street lighting being out around parts of the town. This has nothing to do with the Town Centre upgrade. We understand Powerco, who is responsible for power supply is dealing with some circuit faults. With  recent power outages in Auckland, there is a backlog of fixing faults throughout the country. Powerco has been alerted to the issues around Whitianga and will get to it as soon as they can.
  • Also a friendly reminder the men's and women's toilets on Blacksmith Lane, Whitianga are closed for repairs and floor maintenance which we expect will take about 5 days to complete. The next closest public toilets are down by the Whitianga Wharf

For more information click here which will give you information on the next stages for the upgrade and other alternatives for parking away from the main street.

But also please feel free to contact us 07 868 0200 if you would like more information or if you have any concerns.


Informer newspaper - buy local campaign

The local Mercury Bay Informer newspaper is a “Buy Local and Win” competition. The aim is to support the local business community through a less than ideal time.

To win is easy. Simply drop proof of your support of a Whitianga business (any business, not just those along Albert Street) into the large bin on the front verandah of their office in Monk Street, Whitianga. Proof can be in the form of an invoice or receipt. Please write your name and phone number on the invoice or receipt.

On the last day of every month, they will draw one of the invoices/receipts out of all the entries they’ve received

that month. The owner of the winning invoice/receipt will receive a $100 voucher to spend at any of the advertisers that have advertised in The Informer during that month.

The Informer will run the competition for eight months, until the end of November, when the Albert Street component of the Whitianga town centre upgrade is expected to be completed.

But that’s not all. There will be a second chance to win. As soon as Albert Street is open for traffic again, all the entries they’ve received over the eight month period will go into another, final draw. The owner of the winning invoice/receipt will this time around receive $500 to spend at any of the businesses that have advertised in The Informer during the period Albert Street was closed for traffic.

The more regularly you buy local, the better chance you have to win.