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The Rugby World Cup is coming, but is the Coromandel ready?

08 April 2019

Rugby fans who live around the Coromandel are being encouraged to connect to ultra-fast fibre (UFB) broadband if they can, to watch many live sports events, including the Rugby World Cup in September.

Telecommunications infrastructure company Chorus is reminding residents they need to connect to the best broadband available to watch the All Blacks defend the World Cup in Japan, as the tournament will no longer screen on Sky Television, but can be streamed live online.

Nine games will be broadcast free-to-air on TVNZ, of which seven will be live and two will be delayed. While these screenings will include the opening and final games, we can't assume the rest of those screened will all be All Blacks' games. The rest of the tournament will be available to view via the Spark Sport app.

Just over 3500 premises in Thames can already connect to UFB, since Chorus completed the fibre build in June last year.

But Chorus says only 26% of those premises’ have connected. That compares to the national average uptake of fibre broadband of 50% and increasing, several years into the Government's UFB initiative.

Chorus is urging people not to leave it too late as there are limits to the number of properties it can physically connect by the tournament's start date. So the message is get in early, or you may miss out.

If you want to connect to fibre as soon as possible visit:

If UFB isn't yet available in your community, Chorus recommends ensuring you've still got the best connection possible and exploring the option of upgrading to a VDSL connection in the meantime, which is as easy as giving your broadband provider a call.

See what you need to be able to watch at home at:

And if you can't get the better broadband that you need to watch the game at your place, Chorus suggest thinking about setting up community viewing at schools, cafes or pubs that may have UFB so you don't miss out on the Rugby World Cup action.

Ultra-fast Broadband is extending its reach

Chorus is working through its programme to bring ultra-fast broadband to 14 Coromandel communities by 2022, as part of the Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative.  See below for the rollout schedule below.

Under this scheme, fibre is installed to the street, and then those wishing to connect contact their internet service provider to have it brought into their home or business. The connection is free in areas where fibre has been installed.

The advantage of fibre over copper telephone lines is that upload and download speeds are much faster and it delivers greater capacity, so you can do more things online, simultaneously, within the household.

Chorus is currently building the fast fibre network in Te Puru and Hahei, and both those towns will have the connections complete by April and September, respectively. Work in Coromandel Town is expected to start in May.

The UFB build schedule continues through to 2022. Here is the expected rollout schedule:

The UFB build schedule

Te Puru build complete April 2019
Hahei build complete September 2019
Coromandel Town  build complete mid 2020
Kuaotunu build complete January 2020
Whangapoua build complete January 2020
Matatoki build complete March 2020
Tapu build complete March 2020
Waiomu build complete May 2020
Whitianga  build complete August 2020
Matarangi build complete October 2020
Ferry Landing/Cooks Beach build complete May 2021
Whangamata build complete June 2021
Tairua-Pauanui build complete March 2022

If fibre isn’t yet available in your community, Chorus recommends ensuring you’ve still got the best connection possible, and exploring the option of upgrading to VDSL in the meantime, which is as easy as giving your broadband provider a call.

See what you need to be able to watch at home at

If you can't get the better broadband that's needed to watch the games at your place, see what else can be done. Think about setting up community viewing at schools, cafes or pubs that may have fibre broadband.

Bring it on, says Mayor Sandra

Our Mayor Sandra Goudie says the delivery of fast, reliable fibre is  important for our Thames-Coromandel economy, boosting productivity, connecting our communities and enhancing our connection to the rest of the world.

“Thames is now plugged into the global mainframe at high speed. We’re very excited about how ultra-fast broadband will make a difference for doing business and being connected at home and work," Mayor Sandra says.

“We’d still like to see Hot Water Beach included on the UFB build schedule because it’s a huge visitor destination and is in a bit of a network black spot,” Mayor Sandra says.

“We’re still lobbying for this to happen while investigating what other solutions could work. We’d also like other areas, including Colville and beyond, Wharekaho, more of the Thames Coast and Coroglen/Whenuakite to have improved broadband and mobile network coverage.”

For more on the Governments UFB, RBI and Mobile Black Spots Fund go to