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Waterplay area and waterfront path taking form in Whitianga.

12 April 2019

It's only been a week since Stage Two of the Whitianga Town Centre upgrade began and the outlines of a waterfront path and the waterplay area can already be seen.

Last week our contractors Dempsey Wood cleared and established their base on Taylors Mistake.

Since then they've stripped the topsoil to begin constructing the hoggin path, which, when complete, will lead from Taylors Mistake along The Esplanade seawall.

"The progress being made is great," says Andrew Boden our project manager. "It's helped that the weather had been so good."

Dempsey Wood has started placing the subbase material along The Esplanade section of the hoggin path that's being developed.

Dempsey Wood has also dug out and laid 50mm power conduits along the path for the proposed streetlights along the path.

Meanwhile, the water playground is starting to be formed after several days of concrete being poured.

The new water feature includes stainless steel troughs running into a channel, with gates to dam the water flow, and an Archimedes Screw - which is a machine used for transferring water from a low-lying body of water into ditches.

At Taylors Mistake, the timber piles for the timber decking at the plaza beside Carina Creek have also been put in the ground.

Every fortnight we are holding construction impact meetings with representatives from the local business association, to talk through the week ahead and discuss any issues and get feedback.

The first impact construction meeting is on Monday 15 April, 2pm at 22 Monk Street, behind the old fire station.

For more information visit our project page.

Other changes being made around the town centre

Roading improvements at the intersection at Campbell St and Albert St will be made over the next few months.

The intersection is used by the majority of traffic entering and exiting Whitianga and concern has been raised by the public after it was altered as part of road improvements carried out as part of Stage One of the Whitianga Town Centre Upgrade.

This week, the Mercury Bay Community Board agreed the preferred option is to install a four legged intersection with a mini-roundabout that will provide clear priority control and be easily understood by drivers. The central island roundabout would need to be raised and built of a different material to define it while still allowing larger vehicles to over-run it. The estimated cost to build the roundabout is $102,000.

The Board recommended to Council to approve the construction of the roundabout, to be funded from existing budgets.

Meanwhile the Mercury Bay Community Board endorsed  car parking changes be made on Blacksmith Lane, by realigning the angle car parks to 45 degrees (from 90 degrees) to address the parking and manoeuvrability issues, and by creating additional car parks in Victoria Street and Isabella Street.