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We're underway with Stage Two of the Whitianga Town Centre Upgrade

01 April 2019

Preparation for Stage Two of the Whitianga town centre upgrade has started today, which involves establishing a site for the compound and office and sorting out traffic management plans.

The physical work on Taylors Mistake won't start until after Easter and the work being carried out now will not impact any of the local business owners.

On Tuesday April 9 our contractors will start removing the topsoil from Taylors Mistake, to pave the way for a new path, which will extend from the plaza down to The Esplanade.

Roadworks from The Esplanade to Taylors Mistake will also start from Monday 29 April, with existing kerbs and footpaths being replaced, as well as some changes to stormwater infrastructure.

This work will be completed in sections with coordination and good communication with business owners.

Meanwhile, the Playground Creation team will start work on the water play feature area from Monday 8 April at The Esplanade playground, being careful not to get in the way of the existing playground features, until after school holidays.

From Monday 29 April, after the school holidays, the old play equipment will start to be removed so Playground Creations can begin installing the new play equipment and re-surfacing the grounds. This work will run through May and June.

"We’re holding fortnightly construction impact meetings with representatives from the local business association, to talk through the week ahead and iron out any issues," says Andrew Boden our project manager.

"The meetings will cover a two week "Lookahead" of upcoming works and programme completion changes," says Mr Boden.

"We'll talk about how stakeholders could potentially be impacted by the work commencing, update any traffic management changes and give people the opportunity to raise any issues." says Mr Boden.

The first impact construction meeting is on Monday 15 April, 2pm at 22 Monk Street, behind the old fire station.

Disruption will be kept to a minimum and access to all businesses will be maintained at all times. Street lights will be installed towards the end of May throughout the new path and playground. Planting and landscaping will be completed towards the end of June. The project completion is currently scheduled for Tuesday 2 July.

If you have any issues around the project, please contact Andrew Scobie from our team or phone 07 868 0200.

For more information visit the project page here.