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Coromandel Harbour projects update

03 August 2018

We've got a number of projects on-the-go around the Coromandel Harbour to upgrade our boat ramps and wharves as we prepare for more visitors and growing recreational and commercial use.

Coromandel Harbour Projects

Expanding and improving our harbour facilities  in a safe and sustainable manner will help cater for growth in our aquaculture and tourism industries - with significant economic benefits for our district.

Here's a brief update on some works that have been done over the past few months.

Hannafords Wharf

Hannafords Wharf 2018

The recent weather event on 15 July saw some major erosion and cracks at the top of the path down to Hannafords Wharf.

This has been inspected and has now been closed due to safety reasons. Contractors have installed a temporary bypass path so it can continue to be used until full repairs can be made. Unfortunately the temporary access is not accessibility friendly, so we are trying to work as quickly as possible to rectify the damage.

The 360 Ferry and Charter operators have been notified. You can read the full press release here 

Sugarloaf Wharf

The proposed expansion of Sugarloaf will require significant external funding so we continue to work with CoroMFA, regional and central government to facilitate this project where appropriate. 

Stephen Hand has been elected as the new chairman to replace Gilbert James for CoroMFA.  The next meeting with CoroMFA is scheduled for Monday 20 August.  At this meeting there will be discussion on the implementation of immediate measures to make the Wharf safer to recreational and commercial users.

Waitete Bay

Work to mitigate erosion following the January 2017 storm and king tides has been completed.

Coromandel Wharf

Required maintenance to ensure the Wharf is up to health and safety standards has been completed. Concept designs and appropriate user needs are still being developed for the replacement of the section that was damaged and had to be removed in the January 2018 storm.

Port Charles Wharf

Repairs have been completed but further work is needed in the next 12-24 months to renew some of the structural elements of the wharf. The wharf is safe for public use.

Interest in Coromandel Harbour

Coromandel Harbour - Marina Concept

We continue to facilitate the development of marine and wharf facilities in Coromandel Town.  Further introductions and consultation meetings with key stakeholders and interested parties continue with a number of parties including:

1 - Pita Street Developments, which is focused around Furey's Creek on a proposed marine facility (see picture above) that would include boat-stack storage on land, limited berths for fishing charter boats, a marine services area for minor maintenance, facilities for charter vessels and a potential ferry landing. This marine facility proposal, if successful, will enhance the ability to use Furey's Creek, which will complement the proposed Jacks Point boat ramp improvement project proposed in the LTP. Wider public consultation by Pita Street Developments on the proposed marine facility is planned for the coming months. The consent application for the marine facility proposed by Pita Street Developments will be fully publically notified once the concept has been further discussed with key stakeholders. 

2 - The Pier Trust (which is proposing the development of a "pier" extending out from Coromandel Harbour). This was first mooted by the late Driving Creek founder and well-known artist Barry Brickell with a project team now progressing this vision.

For the Pita Street Development, further consultation with iwi around the adjacent Patukirikiri Reserve and surrounding land is planned before any concept designs are finalised. These discussions may result in a wider harbour plan that encompasses the Pier concept and any other potential developments.

Meanwhile, our Council's role is around facilitation, which involves working with potential developers on projects that support community needs.  Our Council staff and the Coromandel-Colville Community Board have developed a set of evaluation criteria for any harbour proposals received. On 22 May 2018 Coromandel-Colville Community Board passed the following resolution at its meeting:

That the Coromandel-Colville Community Board:

  • Receives the ‘Coromandel Harbour Projects update' report, dated 2 May 2018.
  • Recommends to Council that the Coromandel-Colville Community Board supports a continuing facilitation process by TCDC as appropriate, to progress harbour development opportunities that align with its approved criteria; and
  1. Supports the continued investigations to progress the proposal presented by Pita Street Developments.
  2. Supports the continued facilitation by TCDC staff for other potential developers that align with agreed criteria.

We will continue to work with the various parties until realistic concepts have been determined.  There is still a way to go in the process including a full consideration of alternatives and a RMA process which we expect will involve full public notification and consultation.