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Kerbside glass recycling collection clarification

23 August 2018

A friendly reminder that there is no limit to the number of crates of recyclable glass households may put out for collection, as long as a council crate (any council, not just TCDC) is used, it's not filled to overflowing and provides no unacceptable health and safety risk to staff picking them up.

Due to an internal misunderstanding  between staff of our rubbish and recycling contractor, Smart Environmental Ltd, some glass crates haven't been picked up this week.

We, and Smart Environmental, apologise for the inconvenience, and we're working with Smart to make sure all recyclables and rubbish that are placed on the kerbside for collection are picked up.

Here's an excerpt from our Council's contract with Smart about the Kerbside service that provides some clarity around the service:

"The contractor shall not collect waste that has not been placed in a refuse bag or recycling crate or wheelie bin. The contractor shall be entitled not to collect waste from a refuse bag, recycling crate or wheelie bin that has been overfilled such that the carrying of these represents a health and safety risk to the contractor's personnel."

Here's a reminder of how the Kerbside collection system works:

Kerbside glass crates graphic

Glass recycling:

Put in a council crate. A crate from any New Zealand council is acceptable. Other types of crates, such as fish crates, won't be emptied. Neither will cardboard boxes. This is because council crates are all of a similar design which allows the runners to sort the coloured glass into the truck.

Don't overfill your crate. Crates overflowing with jars and bottles won't be emptied. This is because the glass falls out and breaks on the pavement, posing a health and safety risk.

You can put out more than two crates.

Your crate will also not be collected if it is broken. Please take your broken crate into one of our Council service centres and we'll replace it for free. If you need additional crates, you can buy them from our service centres for $15 each.

Only glass bottles and jars can be recycled. Lightbulbs, glass dishes, glass decorative objects etc, cannot be recycled.

The Kerbside collection scheme is for domestic rubbish and recycling, it's not for large-scale non-household solid waste. Businesses or other organisations such as social clubs can use it, but only up to what a normal household would produce. These organisations should contact a commercial solid waste company to organise rubbish and recycling collection on a larger-than-household scale.

Wheelie bins:

Currently plastics numbered 1 - 7 are collected. Check the item for a triangle with a number in it. If there is none, it's not recyclable - put it in the rubbish.

Most types of paper and card are recyclable. Mixed paper with a plastic coating can't be recycled. Any paper or cardboard with food stains can't be recycled, eg oily pizza boxes with cheese stuck to them.

Tins and cans are recyclable.

Make sure anything you put out for recycling is clean, so rinse those milk bottles and scrape the dog food residue off the tins, please.

Blue TCDC rubbish bags:

Everything else goes in our official, blue rubbish bags to be taken to landfill. These should be placed on the kerbside, ideally not hanging from trees or utility poles. The runners need to lift the bags from the top so they don't get injured by sharp objects inside, and they need to be on the kerbside so they're not crossing roads to get to bags hanging from a pole. They shouldn't be so heavy that they're dangerous to lift. Remember, the runners pick up hundreds of these every day and we all need to collectively help them to stay safe when doing their job.

Refuse Transfer Stations:

If you've got items that are too big or heavy for Kerbside collection, take them to any one of our Refuse Transfer Stations (RTS). Recyclables and blue rubbish bags can be left for free, so can some other items such as whiteware. See for hours and locations of our RTS, what can be left at them, and what the charges are for different items.

Check the Kerbside rubbish and recycling collection schedule for your area at