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Developing resilient coastal communities together

30 August 2019

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in our Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) project, coming out to the eight, general community information meetings across the district in August.

Photo: Shoreline Management Plan community meeting in Tairua, August 24, 2019.

More than 200 people attended the meetings, which provided an introduction to SMPs, why our Council is developing them and how our communities can get involved.

Community concerns, ideas and historic knowledge were brought to the table, which will help us as we  continue on our SMP journey together.

Just to clarify, these meetings were only initial information gathering sessions, through a sample of our community, aimed at providing a snapshot of the issues affecting the areas where you live.

“These general community information sessions are a commitment from our Council to facilitate early and ongoing, meaningful community discussions and effective outcomes for what SMPs are going to achieve," our Council’s Operations Group Manager Bruce Hinson says.

“Everyone's ideas and concerns will now be incorporated into our scoping report, which will then be shared with the community as this project continues,” Mr Hinson says.

If you missed one of the meetings held during August, there is still plenty of time to get involved and we welcome your help to make our SMPs a success by telling us what you know about the coastal environment where you live.

“This is your coast, and we want you, the community, to remain at the heart of it and help us drive these plans forward,” Mr Hinson says.

The slides from the presentation are available on our website at

We are also hosting a Facebook live chat on our TCDC Facebook page at 12pm on Wednesday, September 4.  Join us online at this lunchtime session and have your questions answered by our SMP experts. We invite you to send in your questions in advance to  This video will be available to view after the live chat as a link on our Facebook page.

For more information, or if you want to share some stories or pictures of your coast, please send them to

If you have any urgent coastal issue that need immediate attention, please call us on 07 8680200 so we can get address them straight away. Alternatively, you can complete the online form found here.

What's next with our SMP project?

Your thoughts and inputs will be incorporated into our Scoping Report, due to be finalised at the end of September, with further reporting to Council to follow the local government elections in October.

Will also be setting up a number of Coastal Panels across the district, which will investigate problems and work through solutions towards the goal of ‘resilient communities’.

We need volunteers for our Coastal Panels, so please register your interest or that of someone you think should be involved, by emailing with ‘coastal panel’ in the subject line.

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