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Making progress on our coastal erosion projects at Cooks Beach and Flaxmill Bay

06 August 2019

If you're interested in hearing more about progress on coastal management projects we're working on at Cooks Beach and Flaxmill Bay, come to a meeting we're hosting at the Cooks Beach Hall, 2pm Friday 16 August.

Some of the things we've started on includes:

  • Reinstating the stone cairn back to Cooks Beach. The cairn marked the 1769 visit of Captain Cook to New Zealand and toppled into the sea during a storm in July 2018. It is being returned to Cooks Beach in September ahead of the Tuia commemorations in October. The development is more substantial than the previous site, with a path and board walk leading up to the cairn, a decking platform with a view to a buoy that marks where the endeavour was moored along with heritage signage. The surrounding area will also be planted with coastal natives.
  • Installing a back-stop wall in the same area where the cairn is being returned to at Cooks Beach. The back-stop wall has been designed and will be set below ground level, to protect existing infrastructure (road, footpath, water supply, stormwater and waste water pipes) from the sea. The consent for the back-stop wall has been lodged and we are expecting this to be granted within the next few weeks. Planning is also underway to reinstate the foreshore and sand dunes with native planting at the same site.
  • Preparing a resource consent for the installation of a sandbag groyne, be placed at the eastern end of the beach at Flaxmill Bay. A groyne will help sand build-up and prevent the beach from being washed away by longshore drift. It will slow down the process of erosion.

"All of this work contributes to managing coastal erosion issues around the area to protect our infrastructure" says Allan Tiplady, our District Manager North.

For more information visit our project page or

Public meeting details

Being held 2pm Friday 16 August at the Cooks Beach Hall, 882 Purangi Road.

The meeting is to provide an update on progress with the protection works at Flaxmill Bay and Cooks Beach.

Information will be provided on:

  • The works planned
  • The resource consents
  • The timeframe for construction
  • The cairn at Cooks Beach
  • The existing community installed sandbag groyne at Flaxmill Bay

Help us with our journey towards sustainable coastal communities

We are reaching out to our communities to glean stories and knowledge about our coastal environment to help with our milestone coastal management project.

Following on from the adoption of our Coastal Management Strategy and Coastal Hazards Policy in 2018, our Council is now developing Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs). This is a three-year project to  define, in general terms, the flooding and erosion risks to people and the social, cultural, economic and natural environment across all parts of our coastline over the next century and beyond.

As we develop these plans, we have a valuable opportunity to understand our coastal environment more holistically, including the connections between people, catchments and waterways, landscapes, estuaries and beaches.

We will be examining the interaction between the way in which the coast behaves and is likely to evolve, and the way in which the coast is used and valued in each community.

We're lucky to have some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in New Zealand, if not the world, on the Coromandel Peninsula, that's why we've adopted an ambitious programme to work with all stakeholders to manage the effects of climate change.

Our beaches are one of the major reasons for people coming to visit and live here. But keeping them in such magnificent condition comes at a cost, given the effects of climate change, storm events and other natural processes.

And that’s why we need to hear from you:

Our communities are invited to a series of outreach meetings during August where you can hear about the SMP process, engage in discussion and contribute to a sustainable coastal future. Here are the meetings taking place in the Mercury Bay area.

  • Luke's Kitchen, Kuaotunu - Saturday 17 August, 9:30am-10:30am
  • Whitianga Town Hall - Saturday, 17 August, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Read more about what’s involved with our Coastal Management Strategy at