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Swap a crate in the Coromandel for better glass recycling

23 August 2019

If your Council-issued glass recycling crate is broken, take it in to one of our offices to replace it for free. Broken crates full of glass bottles and jars are difficult for the runners to handle and can result in dropped and broken glass on the pavement or footpath.

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So, instead of continuing to put out a broken crate, swap it for a new one!

We can only swap the green crates with the Love NZ recycling logo on them.

If you need a new crate and don’t have an old broken one to swap, you can buy them for $16 at any of our Council offices.

Our Council’s Kerbside Rubbish and Recycling service is for domestic, household collections, it's not for large-scale, non-household solid waste.

Businesses or other organisations such as social clubs can use it, but only up to what a normal household would produce. These organisations should contact a commercial solid waste company to organise rubbish and recycling collection on a larger-than-household scale.

Please only fill your crate up to the rim and not beyond. 

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What goes in the crate?

Only glass bottles and jars can be recycled. Lightbulbs, glass dishes, glass decorative objects etc, cannot be recycled.

What goes in my wheelie bin?

What can be recycled

This information is heat stamped on the top of every recycling wheelie bin.

What goes in my blue, pre-paid Council rubbish bag? 

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Everything else.

Place your rubbish bags at the kerbside on the morning of your scheduled collection day. Bags hanging from trees or poles, or placed in cages, will not be collected.

Check the schedule for your area at