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Council Implements Project Management Improvements

08 April 2013

A new framework is now being rolled out throughout our Council to ensure projects from conception right through to completion is more robust and better managed.

Chief Executive David Hammond tasked a Project Management Improvement Group at the end of last year with the job of developing stronger management around Council projects. The Group's job was following through on recommendations made in the 2012 Deloitte Report which investigated the reasons behind the $1.4m overspend at the Mercury Bay Multi Sport Park.  The Group also took into consideration findings in the 2009 Deloitte Report and the 2011 Hunter Report.

Made up of senior managers from across the Council, the group sought advice from NZ Treasury and the Hamilton City Council following its experience with the V8 Supercar event.

“I’m delighted that the Project Management Improvement Team has come back with some tangible answers in the very tight deadline they were given,” says Mr Hammond. “With the lessons learned from the Mercury Bay Multi Sport Park we knew we had to make some changes to our project management processes in an urgent fashion.”

"This has been an important project in light of what has happened at the Mercury Bay Multi Sport Park, "says Mayor Glenn Leach. "I've said our Council will ensure mistakes like this won't happen again and having this new project framework is part of the solution."

Some of the key changes which are now being implemented include:

  • A framework which sets out 5 distinct stages of a project has been established. These 5 stages are 

1 – Project Identifications

2 – Project initiation

3 – Detailed project planning

4 – Project implementation (procurement processes, change control process and reporting)

5 – Project closeout

  • A new document template has been set up for project teams to follow. This template includes a significance, approvals and reporting delegations form so it’s clear from the outset approvals and sign off responsibility
  • A guide for project roles and responsibilities has been identified. This guide is scalable depending on the size and scope of each project.
  • Training on the new project management process is to be incorporated into staff job development, tailored relevant to the level of competency required for the position.
  • Changes in the way staff use Council's IT financial system are being rolled out to enforce 1 up authorisation of all invoices. This ensures staff meets the requirements of the separation of duties principle. 

The new framework is being rolled out this month, in time for projects in the 2013/2014 year.   

Update on Mercury Bay Multi Sport Park Project

Concrete roof pour gets underway this week

Electrical supply is being installed

Joinery (windows/doors) is under construction

Amenity block on track for May completion