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Thames Valley water project - community meeting highlights

09 July 2013

A 35 year-long resource consent has been applied for to take water from the Matatoki Stream and connecting it up to the Puriri Stream.

Members of the Thames-Valley community were given a progress report at afternoon and evening meetings set up by Council staff working on the Thames Valley Water Project.

The Waikato Regional Council (WRC) is now considering the consent.

Thirty-five years is the maximum amount that can be applied under consent conditions.

This will mean the daily water volume will be less than previously consented for but will allow for water to be taken over a longer period of time.

DoC, Fish and Game, iwi and landowners are being consulted over the resource consent and if it all goes to plan our Council will continue to work with WRC and its scientists over maximum water volumes and consent conditions.

Consent could be granted by October 2013.

The major construction work to connect the two water supplies (Matatoki and Puriri Streams) will then start in the 2014/2015 financial year, which will involve the installation of a bigger pipe system.

To find out more about the Thames Valley Water Project click here.

Construction Work

Minor construction work on the Thames Valley Water Project has already started including the installation of intake screens, filters, scour and air valves to minimise debris getting into the water supply and prevent pipes becoming blocked.

Water meters have been installed on all properties that previously received the over 4ha water rate and in time water meters will be installed on all properties to help with water management and allow for a fairer way of charging for water.

Other construction work planned for later this year includes replacing water pipes at sections of Ferry Rd, Factory Rd, O'Neil Rd and SH26.

Once the exact locations are confirmed, we will inform the public before any major construction starts and we'll also do our best to minimise disruptions.

Chlorination of the water supply is also being looked at as possibility in the future.

Please remember that all this work doesn't mean that thse supplies are now up to national drinking water standards.

Who to talk to

The direction of the Thames Valley Water Project was decided by a Working Group and the community, which was to retain the existing water supplies.

If more stringent drinking water standards becomes a requirement by the Government, then this approach may have to change.

The Working Group next meet in September. If you have questions or concerns about the Thames Valley Water Project,  please get in touch with Water Services Manager Bruce Hinson.

Water Savings Will Also Save You Money

We hope the installation of water meters to all Thames Valley properties, including farms and lifestyle blocks will help people better manage their water use and save money.

DairyNZ has some good tips for dairy farmers to better manage water supplies here.

Also check out our website for more water conservation information here.