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Final submission numbers in for Proposed District Plan

24 April 2014

The final number of submissions on our Proposed District Plan has come in at 1236.

Submissions closed on 14 March 2014, however late submissions were accepted for a short period after this date. Our District Plan team are now summarising all the submissions and the summary of decisions requested, which will be publicly notified at the end of May.

"We've found through processing the submissions that they affect all of the Plan, excluding some public works designations and statutory acknowledgements," says District Plan Manager Leigh Robcke.  "What that means is no part of the Plan can be treated as operative until the Council makes decisions on submissions next year".

Until then the current Operative District Plan remains in effect. Rules in the Proposed Plan relating to heritage, biodiversity and earthworks in flood areas continue to have effect, but won't be treated as operative until the Council issues decisions on submissions.  

"So if you're planning to apply for resource consent we recommend you get in touch with our consents team to talk through any implications this may have for your project," says Mr Robcke.

We have a Duty Planner service running Monday through to Friday from 10am-midday and then 1pm - 3pm. Just call our customer services team on 07 868 0200 and ask to be put through to the Duty Planner.

You can also make appointments to talk to one of our planning team in Thames, Whangamata and Whitianga.

Some key themes from Proposed District Plan submissions are:

• Opposition to mining activities in the Coromandel.

• Increasing the number of permitted paid guests for visitor accommodation from 6 to 12 .

• Retain existing use rights to allow people to cut native bush (kanuka/manuka) for domestic use

• Heritage buildings around Coromandel Town to be either included or taken off our Heritage Schedule

• Opposition to  the Coastal Environment, Outstanding Landscape and Natural Character overlays.

The next steps:

After the summary of decisions sought in submissions is publically notified in May, people will have 10 working days to make a further submission in support or opposition to original submissions.

The opportunity to make further submissions is limited to people representing a relevant aspect of public interest or who have an interest that is greater than the general public.

A Hearings Panel (made up of 2 independent commissioners and 1 councillor) will then consider all the submissions and make recommendations to Council.  Hearings are planned to start in July 2014.

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