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Old Saleyard site now a public reserve.

13 November 2014

The Old Coroglen Saleyards has been rejuvenated into a public picnic reserve thanks to a joint initiative between our Council and the Coroglen Community.

For more than 50 years the Coroglen Saleyards was a hub for people to gather, sell and buy farm stock and catch up on the local gossip. When PGG Wrightson decided to close the Saleyards earlier this year, we managed to purchase two of the three parcels of land for $50,000, paid for by money set aside in our Annual Plan for maintenance and development costs

With help from a working committee, made up of Coroglen community members, our Council staff and members of the Mercury Bay Community Board the transformation of land from Saleyards to public reserve is now almost complete.

Land has been re-contoured and landscaped with bollards installed. One of the old loading ramps and one holding pen have also been retained. Interpretative signage will be installed beside it by the pen and areas around the reserve, to let people know about the historical significance of the Saleyards.

Coroglen buildings
The old kitchen building and office huts have also been retained and are currently being converted into a "Sunny Dunny," eco-loo along with a separate changing room, in time for the public to use in summer. Picnic tables and rubbish bins will also be installed in time for summer.

"I look at what the local Coroglen community has done out there, and what a fantastic entranceway the Coroglen Reserve now is to Whitianga," says Mayor Glenn Leach. "Families can now picnic on the banks of the Waiwawa River and there's a water hole, that could be one of the best on the Coromandel."

"We know this area has always been a special place in Coromandel's farming history and also a huge part of the Coroglen community," says Mayor Leach. "This project typifies what we are trying to achieve with community empowerment []. I want to congratulate and thank everyone for what has been achieved out there."

"It's been a great success," affirms Mercury Bay Community Board Chair Paul Kelly. "The local input has been phenomenal and I want to thank Heather McPhee and everyone at Coroglen for their input," says Mr Kelly.